Andorra new airport

A future new and challenging airport ?

Look scary to me. What do you think?


Unlikely someone going to Bild this airport in real life soon.
They haven’t even started basic planning, it just a idea.
They have a airport south of Andora that is called the “Andora Airport” (LESU) that is ready for service since 2016 but has not a single scheduled flight. The only airline that planned to operate them is bankrupt and the management flew and hide.
Hard to imagine someone starts moving tons of rock in a complicated environment to burie even more money.
Try LESU, it is tricky as well.


Look at these obstacle charts of LESU:

I don’t think that they will build a new airport in this decade

I know LESU. This is difficult enough with a TBM, I can confirm!

Yet Andorra has no train either, so traffic jams in Pristine mountains are an ugly sight. Having a place to accomodate perhaps ATR or small Airbuses would make sense I think!

Gotta try LESU out sometime

Wait a minute isn’t it that tabletop airport? If it is then I know it

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It is totally amazing!!!

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