Andes Lineas Aéreas B738 Split Scimitar Winglets

(Photo credits: Fernando Ariel Torre, via Jetphotos)

Hi there IFC!

Today, and since the announcement of the Split Scimitar winglets version of the 737 into Infinite Flight, I come to present this Argentinian livery. Many of you will be surprised, but low cost market has made a boom in Argentina just like in Europe and North America (Ik we are always a bit late). Andes Lineas Aereas is part of this market nowadays.

Trying to forget what has happened in the country with previous low costs, Andes ‘bought’ 4 B738 and fitted into one of those with Split Scimitar Wignlets, to this day none of them are flying for the company, but those got iconic in Aeroparque and other national airports.

Personally, I think south-american liveries should get the chance to have a go at the game, we already had additions such as Aerolineas Argentinas B738, GOL B738 and LATAM A320 Family also. Although they may not be well known airlines, their planes have a nice looking aspect and I love almost all of them.

I hope we can get this livery into the flight sim, that would be awesome.


A bit late for a feature request on the 737… I doubt there is any chance of it being included in the next update if it isn’t already planned. Don’t forget to vote for your own feature though 🙂

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Well, it could happen in the future tho… I hope