And with that the 2024 season comes to a start ✈️

if you know me by now, you probably know that i do a lot of IF plane spotting. here is my first couple 2024 shots and 1 2023 shot

“And with that the 2023 season come to a end, goodnight everyone”-the internet

ok now to the 2024 season

1: windy a350 landing at jfk or skill is ue

2: a339 on crazy approach (i was💀)

3 oooh fatta— i mean fedex

4: condor butter machine neo

5 “i’m still standing”-Elton John

6: c208 at Saba

7: air belgium with some cargo

8: my friend @SamB777 coming in from OPF with his brand new 172!

thanks for viewing this topic and i hope you have a good january!

“it’s a good day to have a good day”- frame someone on earth lol 😆


Aah I need to stop in time next time :(


💀 yeah i did the same so ur good

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