and the ugliest livery award goes to.....

I wouldn´t say “livery”, it was unpainted metal. With the engines, tail and nosecone painted in light grey.

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As I said, opinions are, were and will always be individual. I can’t like this livery, it’s just… ugly.

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To the people who comment when someone dislikes their favorite livery:

Different people have different opinions. There is enough diversity out in the real world and here: You will find someome who disagrees with you! So don’t get angry or mad at the person, just respect their opinion for what it is. It’s not causing anyonr harm.


China Eastern. Horrible.


DAT is just terrible.

God. That white on blue and the thicker lines on the tail, just echh. I was very fond of the caps and smaller font on the old livery.

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That gold just looks very out of place compared to the nice deep blue scheme we have now.

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Air China. Officially worst livery ever.

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