And the record for the fastest subsonic Atlantic crossing goes to...

DY7014 on 15/1/2018

In January 15th 2018, Norwegian long haul flight DY7014 departed JFK airport in New York bound for Gatwick airport, just outside London. Little did the passengers onboard know that they would be in one of the fastest commercial flights since the supersonic era.
The 787-9 Dreamliner with tail number G-CKHL would land at Gatwick after 5 hours and 13 minutes of flying. For comparison, the fastest subsonic flight before this one was in 2015 and operated by a Speedbird 777 that was flying a similar route and only took 3 minutes longer.

The fastest speed captured by Flightradar24 was 649 knots.
Note that the Aircraft could have reached a higher speed that was not covered by Flightradar24

The flight eventually landed at Gatwick more than 50 minutes ahead of schedule.

Sources and more info at:

Business Insider

Congratulations Norwegian!


Read this on the news yesterday, still stunned to see how much progress mankind has made. Way to go Norwegian!

PS: You really have to charge your phone.


It’s truly amazing. I feel really happy for the crew and everyone at Norweigan.

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Well, looks like Norwegian is the real ‘Speedbird’ now lol


having a strong tail wind helps…

Normally takes 6hrs for a JFK to LHR when I fly that with Virgin or BA for work, especially this time of year. Last march we picked upafast tail wind and had to do a lap or two around Ireland as we could arrive at Heathrow before 0600!


They just posted on their Facebook page that they achieved 677 GS!


wow. amazing. will make an event for this

Wow just a difference of 3 minuets

Amazing. They really captured that tailwind well.

677 GS is crazy fast

1253 kph

Pretty crazy time!

Shame the 50minutes saved was probably wasted waiting on our public transport into the capital 😂

Wow! Even if it is by 3mins still quite amazing that it gets just over 5hrs

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just created an event based on this. be sure to come check it out here:[CLOSED] Norwegian Atlantic Crossing Record Celebration @ ENGM - 252000ZJAN18


No way, this is insane!

will you come to the event?

This morning I flew CYUL - EGLL in 4hrs and 58 mins.

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