And That’s A Wrap!

Howdy Aviators! I figured with my pro subscription expiring today, I would make one final Screenshots and Videos topic on a very popular flight, Dubai to LA! Hope you guys enjoy!

Spawned in at around 22:30 my time since I was trying to replicate EK215 so I technically started this flight yesterday. Also, for a city as nice as Dubai, this weather doesn’t agree with Dubai’s standards 🙃

And I’m off on this 15 hours plus flight! Last time I’ll see this airport until I get pro again. Maybe when I come back there will be a 3D city 👀

Couldn’t find anything interesting while flying over Asia so here is the point where I’m the most north I’ll get. It’s north enough that the sun never sets. Permanently day 💀

While passing by Calgary, I came across some small rocks🗿… correction, these rocks are pretty big 🏔️

Oh look, it’s Boise… I literally can’t land there without possibly destroying the airport and giving realistic police a stroke 🥴

On my descent into LAX and pass by our good friend Burbank! An airport I’ll be using quite often without needing pro 🙂‍↔️

On final and already struggling with this uncanny aerodynamic beast! Probably not gonna be butter… 🧈

Hey look! Another fat boi just arrived at LAX after they over flew the airport by 100 miles… Emirates > British 🇦🇪

And here I am at a gate specifically designed to fit my fat… aircraft? Couldn’t make it funnier unfortunately 🙃

After a long flight that also got me back to grade 5 again, I watched the multiplayer of Infinite Flight one last time 😎

And that is it. Had a good 13 months playing Infinite Flight again. Probably won’t be coming back for a while since I’ll be working two part time jobs and getting my commercial license this summer. I also have 1 more year of college with the fall having me become a CFI. Fortunately I’m going to Oshkosh this summer so I’ll be able to make every staff member from Infinite Flight sign a shirt saying their favorite saying, “When it’s Ready.”

Hope you all enjoy my random topic and I’ll see you in the skies, when I’m ready to return!


It’s sad to see you go. These are some great photos and a great flight choice. We’ll see you in the future!

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