And so it begins

The airlines tried their hardest not to come to this point, but there is just no way around it. With the pandemic destroying international travel the most and a decent amount domestically airlines had no other choice.

The “pilot shortage” will be no longer. Yes, people will have to retire(keep in mind the ones getting furloughed are not the pilots with high seniority)and the need of pilots will fill those slots, but with the cloud of uncertainty with the virus and international travel you can’t hire in masses like the BIG 3 were planning on doing the next 5-8 years.

The following are the numbers(brace yourself):

American Airlines

Flight Attendants-8,100
Maintenance & Related-800
Fleet Service-2,225
Passenger Service-1,275

Flight Crew Training Instructors and simulator pilot instructors-12
Flight Simulator Engineers-0
Wholly Owned Carriers-3,000


Pilots - 2850 but could increase to 3900


Pilots- 1941


Letters have been sent to a potential of 500 pilots being furloughed.


Pilots- up to 275 furloughed


Pilots - 117 ***

*** That said Spirit also worked pretty hard with ALPA and as a result saved those 117 jobs. Hats off to Spirit on that.

Flight attendants, and dispatchers could still be around 20-30%.

Alaska and Southwest

They are trying their best as of now to avoid any furloughs from any department.


Pilots - has put off any furlough talk till May ‘21

It will come to no surprise as regional airlines have suffered along the way and possibly will continue to.


GoJets may only keep up to 34% of their pilots on property. GoJets released an email to all pilots on property which stated the following:

  • “Approximately 200 pilots will remain on property full time and fly according to the CBA (no reduced MMG)
    • These are pilots who would be above the furlough line
  • Approximately 200 pilots (100-200) will remain on property with a zero-hour guarantee (ZHG)
    • These are pilots who would have otherwise been furloughed per section 17 of the CBA
    • We are anticipating this will be relatively short term (return by the end of 2020)
  • Remaining pilots (approx 188) will be involuntarily furloughed
    • At this time it is unclear on the length of furlough for this group”

Source - company email

Air Wisconsin

Pilots - 180-190 furloughs with 35-40 downgrades

Source - letter to employees


Pilots - 15-20% furloughed. 40 Captain downgrades.


Pilots -730

Flight attendants- 500


Pilots- 400 pilot downgrades
Company wide- 2,000


Pilots - 350 potentially


Pilots - 581(461 FOs, 29 Captains, 91 already furloughed)

**the numbers without sources are from pilots who currently work there or from an email they received from their company.

As we already know TSA, Compass and Expressjet also closed their doors this year.

All that said, being a pilot is the best job (I am biased)and I am extremely blessed to be able to show up to a job i absolutely love. I don’t know how much longer I will have my job, but you better believe I cherish it like no other.

In my lifetime I have gone though 9/11, got laid off while working for US Airways (as an intern) and now this. If there is one thing I know is that the avgeek community is a strong and passionate bunch. And honestly, that’s part of the reason why we do what we do- passion for it.

Be safe and be optimistic. The sun always rises each day with new life and opportunity.


And for the rest of the world?


That goes to show that Spirit can’t all be that bad. I kinda expected the enormous amount of pilots to be furloughed from American and United. Same for Allegiant.


Well I hoped to never be a spirit passenger but a pilot sounds nice


I don’t have numbers for them sadly.

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Having flown on spirit multiple times I knew what to expect and kept my expectations pretty low and I had no problems with them as long as I followed their luggage rules. I am one of those guys who reads the fine print and so far my experience has been great.

I have two CFIs who trained me and fly for them and they absolutely love it there.


It’s honestly not that bad. It’s only bad when you don’t follow their rules then you get hit with some outrageous fees.


1,605 Pilots???

That is insane.

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Ok, well all I can say is try to think positive. Sometime in the future the market will bounce back, and everyone will hopefully get their jobs back. I know, that may not be for a while, and what will they do in the meantime, but we just have to try to think positively.


How about Sun Country and Hawaiian Airlines? Is data for them available?

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17,000 people from American… all I can say is wow. Let’s hope that this amazing industry can recover quickly.


Well then I guess I’ll have to apply to work at McDonald’s next year. Although I could just go ahead and sell things on amazon hahah. “Become a pilot” they said “Now is the time” who knew a once-in-a-century thing would happen. “Welcome back to the roaring 20’s… hopefully this time - no great depression”. Still lots to be grateful for though!

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Dang, that sucks on a whole new level… hats off to Spirit, Alaska, and jetBlue for trying their best to avoid this… hope the industry recovers soon!

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I wish your dad and your family luck through those times, I feel for you @Chuck_Aviation


Pretty sure the bigger airlines have them out. Do u just wanna sick with the UsA?

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I’m going to suspect this number might be a little bit greater than what it actually is… I hope it’s not that way but we shall see. I’m just hoping we don’t have to lay anyone off at my station

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Crazy to think that 12 months ago there was a pilot shortage…


That’s terrible. I really hope that the aviation industry will recover so people can get back to work. We will get through this, together, United by the love of flying.

And if you’re experiencing hardships because of these furloughs, we’re here for you.


Look, @Erj145 is a community member and did this voluntarily. If you know large airlines throughout the world have this info out, why not go find it yourself?


Unfortunately, yes. Both in oct and nov