And now for something a little different...Cabin Pressure!

For all fellow avaitation buffs…which I guess is all of us, I recommend you checking out the BBC Radio Comedy “Cabin Pressure”. Set in a small Charter Airline with a fantastic cast including Ben Cumbernauld (Dr Strangglove / Sherlock Holmes) and some other well know British comedy actors.

It is well written, slightly sereal and all the avaiation references are well researched so. Itching ‘grates’ too much.

Series 3 has just started to be aired again on BBC Radio ( link below), recommend having a listen!


Listening to it right now 😂, it’s quite funny

Update: just finished the first episode, it’s great


I’ll deffiently check this out! Hopefully I can download episodes for my flight tomorrow :)


Think there is only one BBC iplayer at moment which you can download for free. But I think you can buy and download all 3 series from iTunes or the BBC store. I have the CD version and listen in the car when on a long trip!


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