And I need help. I have a problem with: vertical speed and ILS,in landing

Hi all. My problem is complicated, it is difficult to explain with translator of google.I desire comprehend my problem.I have a problem with vertical speed and ILS.In landing and I need help.I’ve uninstalled my infinity flights (simulator) 4 times,but the problem continued.This happens two months,that I have the simulator.It happens in all airports,all runways,all planes and just happens to me when landed in runways that have ILS.(if runways they do not have ILS, This problem does not I have)

The problem is this:

When I’m about approximately to 0.5 nm of the touching runways and about to 200 - 300 feet altitude,the system ILS ,NOT RESPONDING, NOT TAKE ORDERS my CORRECTIONS of VERTICAL SPEED.
the vertical speed it works perfectly anytime,place, altitude,distance etc.

I can order the vertical speed (+ 100 +500 + 700 + 900 -800 -700 -500 etc etc and vertical speed works perfectly,but when I approach the runways and I’m 200 - 300 feet altitude and about approximately to 0.5 nm of the touching runways,my modifications ,corrections in vertical speed,the airplane does not move up and down. I see how the airplane,he just,and ignoring my ORDERS my CORRECTIONS of VERTICAL SPEED,the airplane automatically It goes up slowly and retrieves approximately 500 feet the altitude.

example: I’m down to 800 feet per minute.When I am 200 - 300 feet altitude and about approximately to 0.5 nm of the touching runways,the vertical speed ignoring my ORDERS y el airplane (he just) modifies the altitude of 800 feet to 300 feet approximately.

¿you can help me? ¿you can tell me if it is normal? Do I have a problem? What occurs to me is this normal? The modification makes it very gently of the altitude and it is difficult to see,but if it occurs and the altimeter tells me a modification in the altitude example) 800 fett to 300 approximately.

thank you all :-))

Depends on where you are setting your final altitude (ALT) . Where are you settings get your final altitude, or do you disengage it?

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The Auto-Pilot is never a good source to perform automated landings, unless its ILS CAT III. We dont have that system in IF, so turn OFF that AP and use it for cruising only. Approach and Land by yourself. Like a Pro!

I bet your autopilot ALT is set to 500. Try to set it to 0 ;)

But anyway it’s not really a good idea to land on autopilot…

Hope this helps!

Yep sounds like AP isn’t set to 0ft. You should be disengaging autopilot when your visual with the runway anyway, or at bare minimum, 500ft