And I get reported

Absolute joke and I get reported for taxiing through others

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Hey! Contacting the controller is the best way to have this dealt with. Who was the controller? If you don’t know, you can check your logbook and we can help you find them.

This certainly seems that it wasn’t your fault but the controller or a mod can get this sorted.


Please contact the IFATC (Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controller) who ghosted/reported you to know more information about your ghost. To do this: Go to logbook --> Press on the flight where you got ghosted --> Press Flight Details. You will get the reason of your ghosting and the person who ghosted you. You could possibly get it reversed or not but it depends if you try to get it removed in a calm manner.

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Did you have connection issues? Otherwise that ghost is human error, nothing much.

Hey Anthony

Once you find out the controller or if you need help finding out the controller, I’ll be around to assist if need be. Just let myself or another moderator/staff member know and we can dive deeper into this.



Ondrejj, I don’t think this post is meant for live because it’s a ghost complaint (this is in my opinion, but if I’m wrong feel free to correct me) (also, if this is off-topic tell me and I’ll delete this reply, sorry).

Normally ghosting complaints are handled via PM. But in this case the pilot may have been looking for the controller so live is the correct spot for it.

A moderator has already replied so this will be handled shortly.


Yea after this I lagged with my internet connection

Hello Matt.

Atc was IFATCAsternDestroyer. My connection dropped after the screenshots and when it came back I was reported for taxiing through others.


Perfect. I can have him send you a Private Message to discuss this or you can send him one. If you could, provide him the callsign and display name that you were using when you were ghosted, in the PM, it’d help him out greatly. @AsternDestroyer is the individual who would be responsible.