(ancient) United 737-800 Economy Review - Worse than Spirit?

Well, greetings to all from my home airport, Sacramento International Airport. As you know from my previous post, I flew to Germany (more specifically Cologne) with my Family to visit other family members in the area. I have flown on United’s Ex-Con 737-800s many times, and when I found out that I once again was gonna fly on an Ex-Con United 737-800, I was obviously disappointed (not at the aircraft), but the fact that I was going to endure 2 hours of nearly 2 inches of pitch, small overhead bins, and a crying baby… And yes, ranting at your favorite airline is legal…

Like a wise person once said, It is what it is…

Flight Information:
Aircraft: Boeing 737-824ER
Aircraft Operator: United Airlines
Seat: Somewhere in Economy, towards the Back
Aircraft Registration: N37290
Route: Sacramento to Denver
Aircraft age: 18 years old.
Date: 7/08/22

And Welcome to the Sacramento! Before my 2 hours of seat torchure began, it was good to look at my bird (N37290) which will take me to Denver this morning. I am absolutely in love with Evo Blue, and when I found out that I was flying on this Beauty, I think this should make up for flying in Economy, on United’s aging 737-800

Legroom, (as you can obviously tell) is absolutely horrible. Comming in at nearly 2 inches of pitch, you better hope the person infront of you doesn’t recline.

The plane is also Equipped with a relatively good tray table, and the Latest copy of the Hemispheres magazine. Now as you can tell, I was flying on an Ex-Con United 737-800, meaning that the aircraft was equipped with DirectTV, which also means that because the remote is located on your seat armrest. A very innovative design…

Departure out of Sacramento California! Absolutely a beautiful view!

Just chillin over America…

Shortly into the Flight, Flight Attendants handed out snacks and drinks. Pretty standard for the 2 hour flight.

Starting Initial decent into Denver! Absolutely love the mountains

And Welcome to Denver! Absolutely love the outdoor patio for Aviation Enthusiasts like me!

Overall rating: 5.2/10

My thoughts? Don’t fly on United’s old, and aging 737-800ER, especially in Economy. If you do somehow find yourself in United’s aging 737-800ER, atleast try to Upgrade to Economy Plus if you are tall like me. I would have to say that I am most definitely not a fan of this Aircraft in United’s Fleet, and I would most definitely say that it is by far the worst Aircraft in United’s Mainline fleet. Soon enough, these Aircraft along with most of United’s domestic fleet will experience a major rework as United’s New Signature interior will be making its way, with an Improved overall product. Overall, what do you think? Would you ever dare fly on United’s aging Ex-Con 737? Have you ever flown on one before? Please let be know! I would be happy to read your comments.

- Howdy Howdy


I liked Uniteds economy but again I’m only 5’8 so legroom was decent


Sounds like an unforgettable experience…lol…

Am I allowed to flex that one of my flights back home from the Maldives was on an A320 with 32” inches of pitch and an IFE…despite the aircraft being 10 years old…

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Wasn’t my favorite flight, but I still love the bird

Definitely better on the exterior than the interior

the only thing i care about is food on airplanes XD

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I live in the Sacramento area too, and have even flown this exact route through united in an A320 😂, very scenic

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They only served us Biscoff cookies for the 2 hour flight. I think first class got a proper breakfast 😂.

I flew on a similar aircraft from LAS to DEN and after a okish first US domestic flight with American on the A319, I was shocked how much worse it could get… Really bad, the B787 to MUC also wasn’t the best. United definitely isn’t my top choice for my next US visits

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Ugh I hate our old beat up 737-800’s… I’d rather work a 737-900 so there is at least the mid lavatory which helps a lot.

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So, no one has paid me for this comment but American Airlines I think has a cool idea. It’s not racist but you do voluntary pay for the seat price to be put in the back of the bus … Airbus. Not so easily done on the 737

The smaller seat pitch seats are in the back of the bus. I’d rather fly AA this way than Spirt, Frontier, Allegiant or that new airline Allegro or Avelo

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Wait how tall are you because I’m about 6’7

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I have not flown United and I’ll probably avoid it in the future. I’m 6’1 with long legs and I’ve already found some seats tight. Buses are a nightmare😅

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Right on the border to 6 foot. I can’t imagine 6’7

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On a 737-800. Must be a nightmare 😂

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