Anchorage to Seattle Alaska 737-900

Hello there everyone!

Yesterday I completed a flight from Anchorage which I think is called Ted Stevens 🐻 to Seattle. It was a pleasant flight until I had to land because there was a bit of turbulence.

Server: Expert
Time: Yesterday - Flight time 3 hours 50 minutes
Route: PANC β†’ KSEA

Climbing out of Anchorage enjoying the views like you do…

Reaching cruise altitude

Beautiful scenery before descent 😍

Thanks for viewing. Hope you enjoy leave comments below 😁


Those are some beautiful pictures! Keep up the work!! (it’s not the greatest weather in seattle, and it won’t be for while)

Great shots! You should do the milk run sometime. Her is a photo from the Alaska Airlines blog of the poster.image

And some others.

Source: Alaska Airlines


Yeah it was very foggy yesterday for a while. I was struggling to taxi to the runway. Luckily Infinite Flight introduced the airport taxiway map! πŸ˜…

@Errigal thank you! I will check it out if I have time.

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