Anchorage Terrain Issues

It seems like the terrain has been completely flattened in the area around Anchorage AK, I was just flying up from Juneau and took a few screenshots. You can also see a straight line where the terrain begins again which leads me to think something is going on here? I included the HUD map so you can see the location.

The view in the second picture is looking off in the 10 o’clock direction from the position depicted.

I see older threads about this area being above the 60th parallel but I don’t think that is the rule anymore, since those threads are almost 3 years old.

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There’s no scenery above 60 degrees north. It’s a known issue that will try to be fixed in a future update.


Yep! There is still no terrain above the 60th parallel, so those old threads weren’t lying to you, and you’ll be able to tell if you’re crossing it because there will be terrain and a large drop off and then flat for as long as you can see.

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That is too bad, I figured that was outdated info. I started in Juneau which looked great but it looks like thats 58 degrees. I wasn’t sure since it didn’t look like that straight line in the second picture was running east-west.

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