Anchorage Intl. Airport

Anchorage (PANC)is a Class Charlie airport, but it is showing as a class B airport in IF which means that I cant control it as a new IFATC apprentice…

see list of Class C airports at this link:

Any idea which devs I should contact about this?

Thanks Yall

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There was some place talking about that they do the airport class based off of runway length or something like that

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hmm, well that shouldn’t be the case. It doesn’t make sense to make one of the more important aspects of the international airspace system not fall in line with a sim that otherwise does everything possible to emulate real aviation.

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Yea I agree.

Here is a better explanation as to why

Indeed, as Anchorage has a lot of larger runways and is considered a large airport and classed as a Bravo by IF’s systems at the moment.

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