Anchorage in Great Britain?

While I was flying in Live the other day, I was about to switch over to London Centre but as well as London Centre, I saw that Anchorage Centre was online, but then I realized Anchorage is on the other side of the world.

Just thought I’d let the IFC know. Cheers!

yeah i noticed it too

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Some airports have access to more then one center, and some of them become a bit weird, like Anchorage center in London

I’ve seen that and I’ve also seen places like Toronto Center while in Newark. The devs are aware of that issue though. Cam addressed it.

@GBKarp I don’t understand. Anchorage is on the other side of the globe, as I have said.
@Z-Tube Yes. I didn’t see it anywhere on the IFC so I thought I’d let the mods know.

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To be honest, this one isn’t too shocking as Toronto Centre is near enough to Newark, just as I can log onto London Centre while in Ireland.

@Patrick_McCormack Yes, I know.

It’s a weird glitch that the team is aware about. Cameron was looking into it at one point

These 4 FIR’s may appear as frequencies at random airports:

  • Anchorage FIR
  • FIJI Domestic FIR
  • Oakland Oceanic
  • Johannesburg

While you can control these FIRs from random regions/airports across the world… I’d highly advise not to. You won’t be able to see any of the aircraft on the map and it might just be as confusing to the pilot as it is for you.


@Balloonchaser Thanks for the answer. And thanks for notifying me that the devs are aware of this bug. This thread can now be closed.


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