Anchorage Event Timelapse

Anchorage - Operation: “Save Christmas”

A big thank you goes out to @CPT_Colorado for hosting the event, as well as any pilots that attended!

Four days prior to today, @CPT_Colorado contacted me, asking if I would like to control for his Operation: “Save Christmas” event. Taking into consideration that I hadn’t controlled a community-organized event or staff-led flash flight in over five months, I excitedly agreed, and here we are!

Not much to cover today in terms of planning for the event. I knew it’d be busy on the ground, so I could focus on that, rather than the minimal arrivals, since it was a flyout. Enjoy the video!

PANC Ground, Tower, ATIS, Approach, and Departure: @ShaneAviation

Anchorage-Event (1)

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What in the world is going on with @lucaviness? 😂

Nice video, Shane! Thanks for the excellent service!

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Thanks so much for agreeing to controll!!!

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Thanks for attending, was a wonderful event.

Anytime! It was a nice little refresher to control with everyone requesting things at the same time, haha. Really tests your ability to think quickly and efficiently.