Anchorage Bound!


Alaska is one of my favorite regions in the world, both in IF and real life. So I thought to myself, maybe I should go fly there. But, the problem, there’s hardly anybody in Alaska on IF. Sad fact. Well, I found a series of events hosted by @Captain_Merka, and they are all in Alaska, such a great idea! I participated in the first event at Nome (PAOM). I took a short 1 and a half hour flight to Anchorage (PANC), and it went well, other than 90 knot winds and turbulence of course. I’ve been blabbering for a long time today, so enjoy the photos!

Lining up on runway 21, getting ready for my early morning departure to Anchorage. It’s quite dark, as fall is approaching the small town of Nome, AK.

After a short wait, and a noticeably lighter sky, I started my takeoff roll. “V1, Ròtatè, V2.” @ranchracer and his 738 watches me climb out of Nome, I’m Anchorage bound!

I know what you’re thinking, “Finally no edits, thanks @Butter_Boi!” Well, your welcome. And my thank you to you, thank you everyone for helping me become a regular, I couldn’t have done it without a great community to support me along the way. I hope you enjoy these photos, and feedback is welcome. Have a great day!


Here is a link to @Captain_Merka’s next event in his Alaskan Flyin’ series


Finally a Non-Rain edit. They were popular once, but now they’re overused in my opinion.

Great photos nonetheless


Wow! Those are so good! Got any pics from ANC?

Nice photos!

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It’s always good when people post about Alaska. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Thank you everyone, I leave for one minute, and 3 people show up!

Alaska is beautiful and underrated in my opinion (and @anon38496261). And yes I have photos from ANC, I’ll PM you because they’re not worthy of posting.

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Thanks @Butter_Boi. Glad you enjoyed my event. I’m excited to have you as a co-host in the future!

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Shouldn’t it be V1, Ròtatè, V2?


yea he probably forgot :)


Yes it should, my bad. And thank you everyone!

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I’m not great at the photo thing but here’s one coming in over the numbers at Anchorage. Great day of flying. PAOM to PANC in @Captain_Merka ‘s flyout in the 738 followed by PANC to KSFO in the same plane and finally KSFO home to KAUN (Auburn north of Sacramento) in the TBM.


Awesome screenshot! I might PM you if I ever want to use it!

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Great pictures!! I can’t choose which one would be my favorite, it’s too hard!

Great photos! You’ve improved a lot ;)

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Those are some of my favourite photos I’ve ever seen. Good job mate!

Thank you everyone, I don’t know what else to say.

Love the tail shot!

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Thank you, it’s only my second tail shot, so I’m glad because it’s so cool.

Very nice pictures! Love the first one!