Anchorage ATC

I was taxiing at anchorage and as I was taxiing someone joined ATC and began saying to watch tutorials and to not do anything without his/her permission. But when I spawned there wasn’t any ATC (I checked prior to taxiing). I was crossing a runway as they spawned. So first off whoever it was I’m sorry about that. I was flying an f-14. It occurred around 25 minutes ago or so.

So, you’re not telling the full story…
So, I spawned in as ATC, you were parked. You were parked for a good 30 seconds, then you began to taxi to runway 7R, crossed 7L, you were so fast I didn’t send an On Guard message in time as I presumed you were on my ATIS frequency. I quickly told you to hold short of runway 7R, you then began to taxi on the side on Runway 7R, even though it wasn’t a taxiway. Then you stopped on the side of the runway.
Idk if you didn’t see my frequency, regardless, always check before you start to taxi.


Anyway you’re not ghosted, but this is a great learning opportunity, and I thank you for taking the time to clarify why I asked you to check tutorials.

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Yes I definitely will check tutorials. I wasn’t trying to irritate you or anything I honestly just felt bad lol. But thanks for not ghosting me. I’ll make sure to continually check ATC now!

I wasn’t irritated. But I don’t ghost unless it’s effecting other pilots.
Anyways, there are loads of videos Tyler has made that are very good, they’re in #tutorials
Have a good FNF!
Happy flying