ANC Officials to expand cargo transfer

Officials at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport are angling for help to maximize the benefits of the unique freedom from some trade laws the airport offers.
Anchorage is one of very few airports in the world where a foreign cargo can be transferred from one aircraft to another without being subject to customs and other trade requirements.
Anchorage Airport Manager Jim Szczesniak said cargo transfers are being done on a small scale and he believes part of the reason it hasn’t grown is there isn’t a good place for it. As a result, airport leaders are looking to help someone develop a large cargo transfer facility there.
“People aren’t going to come up here and leave a couple pallets of iPads sitting on the ramp waiting for another plane to show up,” Szczesniak said. “If they have a facility where they can take fish, fruits, electronics, engine machinery — high-value stuff — and securely store it out of the weather they can wait for that flight that goes (to the proper city) and get things there more directly.”
The airport is already the fifth-busiest cargo hub on Earth at a volume of roughly 2.8 million tons of freight per year, but that’s mostly due to its geography that makes it an advantageous refueling stop for cargo flights between Asia and the North America.
The Anchorage Economic Development Corp. estimates the airport generates 1 out of 10 jobs in the city.


So this isn’t fake?

I can’t trust RWA topics for today


Nope, you can click the link.

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I did making sure that’s real to lol.

That’s cool that ANC is doing that

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Lol all good! It is, more transfer = more jobs = more money!

I am proud that more things are happening here in Anchorage, AK.

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ANC is always growing, going get loud this summer they shut down RWY33 so all departures are off of 7L and 7R.

It’s even more interesting when you know the backstory of Anchorage Airport as ANC used to be an airport of significant importance for passenger air travel from 1960 to 1990. Without Anchorage, it would have been almost impossible for airlines to fly from Europe to Eastern Asia.

And now it’s one of the worlds most important cargo hubs. Not every airport would have been capable to adapt that efficiently.

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ANC sits in an interesting part of the world which is why the Military likes it, they can send an airplane anywhere in the northern equator with in 8hours

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