ANA's R2-D2 Jet (B787-9)

Today i am here to request a very special livery on ANA’s 787, The one and only R2-D2 livery!! I found some requests for this livery, but they were 3 years old and had no votes…

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This plane in my opinion is very beautiful and is still in use today!!

Unlike the Pokemon Jet…

This means you can still fly realistic routes using it :).

Here is ANA’s official website about this plane as well as the other 3 Star Wars planes (But I will only request this one livery so I follow the #features guild lines.)

(you can see they really went all out on the website)

I know it might be difficult or even impossible to be able to get the rights from ANA or Star Wars to use this livery, but it would be amazing to have this in the game. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any suggestions!

I’m sure Schyllberg is a fan of this livery (:

Ok guys. Everyone, please vote for this! This would look amazing IF. I would definitely start flying to Asia again! Great request!


I believe the dev’s said that they couldnt add this one because of the copyright by Disney. I may be wrong though

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I have to say this is an awesome looking livery, even though I am not a fan of Star Wars!

Now I think about it @schyllberg would of added this livery a long time ago. You are probably right.

Yea this is what he said


Wish it would happen though that’s an awesome livery and awesome request @KIND9624

Ok yes you are correct than. Disney is known to be very protective of there work which makes sense in a way. But what a request though @KIND9624!

Flagged the old request for ya. Would love to see this 😍

Awesome request!
Only issue is Disney probably won’t want to give licensing rights…

Many one of the mods, or staff could point me in the right direction here, but let’s say that they want to add, idk, let’s say Alaska to the 737-700 for example, do they have to reach out to Alaska and ask for permission, or do they only have to do that for stuff like this, and one that comes to mind is the Sea Hawks plane, did you need permission for that? Just a curiosity of mine, not sure how these laws work. Actually would the same thing apply to if they were to hypothetically add the A350 would they have to reach out to Airbus?

So @KPIT all the airlines and manfuactors allow people to use there stuff except if they dont like how it’s being used and etc. Like
Luthuasa doesnt like there brand being used so they shut down the IF Luthusa VA on a copyright order. Delta VA got Delta Airlines permission to use there stuff and even so help from them after Delta Airlines ask them what there doing with there brand pictures and stuff. Disney wants the money so they allow no one to copy there stuff because they think they’ll sell it for cheaper. I believe they have one of the hardest copyrights in the world. The only reason this plane has it irl is because Disney saw a profit it having a livery like this.

Hope that explains it


No, I mean I get that, I was just curious if the devs went through a process to get new liveries “approved” so to speak since there is an argument to be made that they are certainly profiting off it I think the laws are different than a Va because of that…

Would that possibly be why the Shamu 737 was in such a hold? Or was that something different?

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Who do I contact to request permission to use Disney intellectual property for non-commercial uses such as hand-made artwork, clothing, themed private parties, student projects, stage shows, etc.?

That’s the link for some on to request to use a Disney product in a commercial use form the FAQ part of the Disney License

I know there are non commercial use cases, I just think they are more into going after people who are profiting…

IDK I guess if a staff member like Laura or Mark contacted Disney and Disney gave them the thumbs up they would feel like they could add it then but if they dont contact them I doubt it’ll ever be in IF.

It’s Starwars and ANA= Greatness

I just had to

With that, flights to Japan would be Star Wars only. 😁

Oh my god yes!!! yes yes yes!!! The next thing they need is a Star Trek-themed livery. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any star trek themed planes on the internet.

One of the coolest liveries out there, whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not.