Analogue update?

Is infinite flight releasing an update with analogue ? I don’t like the sensor or gyroscope thing

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I don’t believe Infinite Flight plans to introduce analogue controls. However you could could make a feature request if you wish for this to be added.

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Where I can lol I would love to have an analogue

Unfortunately, you’re only on trust level 1, and you need to be on trust level 2 to create a feature request. If you keep engaging with the community it won’t take you long to reach TL2.

:(. Omg reall

On the HUD?

As in tactile control

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Yes like that.

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Do you think you can propose that plis :)

Can someone please

I don’t think we can according to the rules. Really even if we did make a feature request it wouldn’t follow through anytime soon. If you continue to be active I’m sure you will reach trust level 2 in no time :)

I got the level 2 but now it don’t give me the option

Hmm, it’s still showing you as TL1, maybe give it some time. It only refreshes so many times each day.

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