ANA Virtual | Inspiration of Japan | Grand Opening!



New Staff Members

After intense discussions between current staff members, we have finally chosen our Staff Members! Please welcome;

Lets welcome them with open hands!


Up up up! ⬆️⬆️⬆️


Oh man!! I don’t play IF currently:( If I was I would’ve definitely joined!!


I’d join, but my sub ran out and I cannot get another


I’m very sorry you can’t enjoy ANA right now. Hopefully in the future you can join us!


Do I apply again? Because I am not sure if it went through


Your application is being processed, you’ll hear back from us shortly!


Ok thank you!


Our inaugural event is out! Go check it out!

ANV pilots get 1.5X flight time if they join.


Great thread guys! Keep it up! Happy to see @AviationGaming as a events manger there, all the best to you! ;)


Great looking thread and VA! Best of luck to you guys. :)


ANA Virtual and Etihad Virtual staff signed an agreement to codeshare 23 routes from both sides, based out of RJAA & OMAA respectively. This also includes 2 aircraft, we hope that this partnership leads to good relations between our VA’s, and a longlasting friendship with our partners!

Flight Number Orgin Destination Aircraft Flight Time
EY 641 Abu Dhabi OMAA Nairobi HKJK A321 05.00
EY 261 Abu Dhabi OMAA Male VRMM A321 / A333 04.15
EY 613 Abu Dhabi OMAA Casablanca GMMN A321 / B78X 08.30
EY 23 Abu Dhabi OMAA Dusseldorf EDDL A333 07.15
EY 430 Abu Dhabi OMAA Phuket VTSP A333 06.45
EY 886 Abu Dhabi OMAA Beijing ZBAA A333 / B78X 07.20
EY 85 Abu Dhabi OMAA Rome LIRF A33F 06.30
EY 486 Abu Dhabi OMAA Perth YPPH A33F 11.15
EY 31 Abu Dhabi OMAA Paris LFPG A388 07.45
EY 101 Abu Dhabi OMAA New York KJFK A388 14.45
EY 460 Abu Dhabi OMAA Melbourne YMML B777 / B78X 13.15
EY 991 Abu Dhabi OMAA Anchorage PANC B77F 12.30
EY 15 Abu Dhabi OMAA Manchester EGCC B77W 07.45
EY 135 Abu Dhabi OMAA Sao Paulo SBGR B77W 13.30
EY 141 Abu Dhabi OMAA Toronto CYYZ B77W 14.15
EY 171 Abu Dhabi OMAA Los Angeles KLAX B77W 16.45
EY 241 Abu Dhabi OMAA Lahore OPLA B77W 03.30
EY 311 Abu Dhabi OMAA Jeddah OEJN B77W 02.45
EY 402 Abu Dhabi OMAA Bangkok VTBS B77W 06.30
EY 604 Abu Dhabi OMAA Johannesburg FAOR B77W 08.30
EY 120 Abu Dhabi OMAA Washington KIAD B78X 13.30
EY 484 Abu Dhabi OMAA Brisbane YBBN B78X 14.00
EY 862 Abu Dhabi OMAA Shanghai ZSPD B78X 09.00



You can find out more about Etihad Virtual here!


Great job, your guys. As a frequent flyer of ANA. Happy to see having ANV in game!


I really like that background on your website though.
Might join one day ;)
But @ANA_Virtual_Official i am noticing you are missing alot of routes.


We are having issues with both our Crew Centre and route management, due to lack of information and accessibility. We’re working hard to ensure that all routes are added



We have a new website!

Our Wondeful Head of Development, @Darpan, has created an amazing website for us to enjoy! Go check it out today!

If you see any issues with the website, please contact this account, with your issue, and if applicable, a screenshot of said issue so we can fix it ASAP. Thanks!


Sorry, your website returns a 404 error


We’re working to fix the issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention



Major Changes

Due to an unforeseen staffing change, Darpan has left the VA. The website will be reverted to our old Weebly website and the banners will be changed. We will be switched from our Crew Centre to another service for flight logging. These changes will be made within 24 hours.

Come join us today, Our Pilots love Japan and we’re sure that you’ll love us!


Is their a missing job then?