ANA Virtual | Inspiration of Japan | Grand Opening!


Just submitted my application. Such an amazing VA thread!


Patience is a virtue haha. They said it may take up to 24 hours.


Yes so happy to see this Airline as a VA. Will definitely be joining


Could anyone tell me what the chief pilot does? I saw its vacant and I may be interested :)


In basic terms, a Chief Pilot sets standards, leading less experienced pilots on how to fly, tips, etc.


Chief Pilot handles pilot questions and concerns. While also handling manual promotions.


Oooh I would love to do that.

Application inbound ;)


Staff Applications

In regards to Staff Applications, all applicants are being discussed and if you are picked you will be alerted. Currently, we’re awaiting more applicants.

Feedback form/Suggestions Form

Due to several comments made about this, we will be using this form, to take feedback, or any suggestions about our VA.

Pilot Applications

With applications flying in, you can’t miss this chance to join the newest and brightest VA on the market! Apply today!


I wish ANA Virtual good luck! 😃

Make your inaugural event at SJC XD


Finally there is one more VA that came from asia! Awesome!


Applied to the Routes Manager position, hope you will accept me


Nice thread! I love ANA and having a VA is a great idea

I think this is a great idea as well however it will be a little bit annoying if there’s people not part of the VA flying the ANA A388 whilst you still have to do 10 hours in the dash don’t you think?

But I really think it’s a good idea. Well done!


I know that every VA has this issue. But if our pilots are happy, they dont mind flying smaller aircraft.


Oh yeah baby,FINALLY! I’ll join one of my favorite airlines in real life and IF!


We’d be happy to have you Aboard!




Stunning thread guys, The Booking part of the website does not seem to be working. Would y’all have a check on that.


Our team are working diligently to fix the issue.


Bookings Back Online

After a short fix, our Booking System is online, and we are able to start taking orders for bookings!


We are so sorry for any inconvenience this caused