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ANA Virtual is IFVARB Approved

ANA Virtual was founded in late 2018. With Darpan as CEO, overtime, Darpan oversaw the approval and major change in the VA. On April 11th 2019, Darpan stood down, and Connor took over. Connor has been involved in the VA world since 2017, and has run Emirates Virtual.

ANA Virtual was founded on the bases of easy flying, relaxed chats, and a fun enviroment. Designed for pilots who like a mix of routes and aircraft. We hope you like ANA Virtual as much as we do!

Senior Administration

CEO - @Connor
COO - @SkysTheLimit87
Adviser/Founder - @Darpan


Head of Internal Affairs - @Jake_Seitz
Chief Pilot - @QuarterBach
Training Officer - @Pilotcorn09
Social Media Manager - @CR3W
Route Management - @Matt777
Event Manager - @AviationGaming


Aircraft Livery in Game
Dash 8-Q400 Yes
A320 No
A321 Yes
737-700 No
737-800 No
767-300 No
777-200ER Yes
777-300ER No
787-8 No
787-9 No
787-10 Yes
A380-800 No
Codeshare Airline Aircraft
Etihad B777-300ER
Etihad A380-800


Rank Name Hours Required Aircraft Permitted to Fly
Student 0 Hours Q400, 737-700, 737-800
Second Officer 10 Hours A320, A321
First Officer 50 Hours 767, 777-200ER, 787-8
Senior First Officer 70 Hours 777-300ER, 777-200F, 787-9
Captain 120 Hours 787-10
Senior Captain 200 Hours A380



While we have little requirements, we do ensure that we have maturity inside ANA Virtual. Our requirements are listed below.

  • 13 Years Old
  • Grade 2
  • Active Infinite Flight Community Account
  • Access to Slack
  • Valid Email
  • Infinite Flight Pro Account

If you fit the requirements, feel free to fill out the application below!

[9 Attendees!] ANV Inaugural Event! | @RJTT - 192000ZMAY19

So excited to be CEO of an amazing VA!


I’m joining


So proud of all the work the entire team has put into this! Amazing work!


We’ll be happy to have you aboard!


I’m a huge fan of Ana. Thanks for making one


Awesome thread!


How long would it take to review my application


Wow. Outstanding thread here ANA!


Not too long, I’ll take a look at it ASAP


Stunning thread ANA Virtual!


Please let me know ASAP too


As soon as I have info I will let you know


It only took 6 months of dedication and work


Congratulations guys :) welcome to VA land :) . I wish you all lots of good luck and success :)


I applied!


Awesome! My favorite airline is finally a VA! I attempted to be part of the development as a pilot director but I had to pull out shortly after cause I was too busy. Glad u guys made it through! Btw, when I was in the development stage, we were on discord, now y’all switched to slack?! I prefer that by a mile. Wished we were on slack from the very start


Yes! We decided to ensure the longevity of the VA, we moved to slack shortly after Connor took over!


Absolutely Beautiful! Great Job @Connor!


I’ll be applying! Hopefully for event manager too ;)