ANA Virtual Group | The Inspiration of Japan Reimagined | Official 2023 Thread

Would love to join, but I am in 3 VA’s already and that’s much to handle for me. But I am in the Thai VA so I can fly for you as codeshare!


That is just a beautiful thread! Jet Airways Virtual is honored to be a partner with All Nippon Virtual Group😊


@Ty_Davis that’s alright, we are honored to share routes with Thai GV as well!

@anon2790671 and @Raveesh, thank you for the kind words, we are proud to be partners with Air India Virtual and Jet Airways Virtual as well. So many of our pilots absolutely love the plethora of route service to South Asia, so it’s an honor to be Star Alliance Virtual partners with you! ⭐️

~ @SB110 {Events Manager}


Hi I just completed the form, very excited to be involved


I’ve just applied for this wonderful VA, can’t wait to be in!

Wonderful job on the thread


Just applied!
Its the perfect VA for me

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Just reapplied!

Happy to see you guys on discord, and can’t wait to explore Asia with you guys!


All Nippon Airways Virtual Group Update

It has been a while since we have given an update on our operations! Since July we’ve made quite a few changes for the better.


New Staff Team

We are proud to introduce our newly designed team of dedicated members of the VA. @KIND9624 has been doing a wonderful job of managing the VA, and we must thank him for the work he has done as CEO for nearly a year. He has decided to step down due to personal reasons but will remain in the staff team as an advisor, as he has the most experience in this VA. The position has been passed on to @Moots, who has been in our VA since June 2020. We are excited to see where we are headed with new leadership! Below is the rest of our new team.

ana/ 28x20 @SB110 Chief Operating Officer
ana/ 28x20 @Texan Discord Moderator
ana/ 28x20 @Nee Events Manager
ana/ 28x20 @XTRMystic Procedures Manager
ana/ 28x20 @Adventures Data Manager
ana/ 28x20 @KIND9624 Advisor

New Codeshare Routes

This may be a late announcement, but we’re proud to present new codeshare Partnerships/Routes:

Turkish Virtual

Our new Routes Include:
|Departure ICAO|Arrival ICAO|Flight Time|


These Routes Include:
|Departure ICAO|Arrival ICAO|Flight Time|

Crew Center Change

A message from our new Data Manager

“Greetings everyone,
I would like to happily announce that all codeshares have been added to our crewcenter after a bit of a delay in it due to staff rechanges. Every codeshare we have has been implemented into the Crew Center and with the help of other VAs, I will hopefully be adding the A220-300 into codeshare routes soon once it releases! I thank everyone for your patience and I hope to see you flying with us soon ^_^.”

Crew Center Updates

We are on version 1.2.1. Here’s a list of updates on this version

  • Fixed and missed aircraft and/or typos left in 1.2.
  • Minor bug fixes/edits.

The Future of All Nippon Airways Virtual Group

Here at All Nippon Airways Virtual Group, we strive to make sure that each and every one of our pilots recieves quality routes and service from our staff team. We hope we can fulfill your demands with our wide selection of routes. We hope that in the future we grow along with you too. As we near the end of another year, we'd like to thank everyone for an amazing 2021. Here is to more years to come!

The ANA Virtual Group Staff Team




Hi. Just applied to join this ANA VA. can’t wait to start.

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I’m not sure this is the proper place to discuss general ANA news 😁 but I have just noticed the two 787-10s have been moved from NRT to HND temporarily and they operate domestic flights to OKA, FUK and CTS. ❤️

Maybe I would apply for this VA since I like it
@Moots i am applying after I get my sub back


Sounds good! Hope to wish you a warm welcome soon.


Thanks @Adventures ! I hope to have a good time here when I officially become a part of ANVA


I also love Japan a lot so this should be nice

We’re happy to have you join our fleet Canton! Wishing you well!

Thanks ANAVirtualGroup
But If I get my sub during school, I may not always be active on Discord
Apologies to Everyone

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No worries! All we ask is that you log a flight every 30 days.

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That’s fine! Another cool thing is about this VA is Non-Pro Mode I hope to join that

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I also want to learn Japanese and this VA has Learning Sessions that would be cool on Discord

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You bet! They’re run by our CEO @Moots .

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