ANA Virtual Group | The Inspiration of Japan Reimagined | Official 2021 Thread

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All Nippon Airways Virtual Group is an IFVARB approved virtual airline, best known as the leading virtual airline based in Japan & amongst the finest on the IFC. Established in February 2020, we have expanded our pilot base, flying passengers & cargo flights all across the world daily.

Our expansive fleet & multiple subsidiaries connect us everywhere. Whether it’s our passenger flights with All Nippon Airways, ANA Wings, & Peach Aviation, or our freighter services with Nippon Cargo & ANA Cargo, our pilots proudly uphold the ANVA callsign and soar above the skies. As one of the most innovating and community-centric virtual airlines, we endeavor when it comes to quality & experience. There’s no doubt as to why you should spread the joy of the Inspiration of Japan!

“We are all familiar with some VAs being set up in a rush because nobody has set it up yet. ANVA is entirely different and prides itself in inclusivity, feedback and determination to be the best VA out there. As a pilot of a few other VAs, I can honestly say ANVA staff are professional and kind (oh yeah, I just saw that the CEO is called KIND). I witnessed the move from Slack to Discord, and that was smooth and effortless; now they have a very interactive discord server with many useful bots. Other things I like about this VA are their route network and codeshares, plus cargo options…I always find a destination to fly to whether I have only 1 hour spare time or 12+hours; and the ease of filing PIREPs [in the new Crew Center].”

Captain Rank [ANVA512]

"I’ve been in ANVA since August 2020. I remember it being the first VA I joined in Infinite Flight. I was really ecstatic and at the same time curious how Virtual Airlines work in a Flight Simulator game. Maybe it has grown on me but I’m really glad I joined ANVA. It’s a fun and enjoyable VA with a helpful and generous staff. The staff at ANVA are incredibly hardworking no matter what the circumstances are. Even if, they knew some things may or may not work out but I can feel that they were determined to actually improve things in the VA for the better. Genuinely, I have enjoyed the routes they offered from the moment I started flying for ANVA. I mostly fly their domestic routes within Japan because I always found airports in Japan quite fun to fly to and fro.

It’s not just the routes but also the atmosphere at ANVA is easy to get into and a new pilot wont have a hard time in trying to fit in with the crowd. With unique events like the landing challenges and bingo cards, it keeps the pilots engaged and keep their activity up in the VA. I also would like to mention Moots who even with their limited availability, tried their best to give us lessons about anything in Japan. Overall, I’m very happy to be in this VA and here’s to a more fruitful year for ANVA! Arigato Gozaimasu!"

Hon’inbō Rank [ANVA312]

“Having just recently joined my first VA, I’ve had a great time with this community. Everybody’s been positive and helpful so far, and the events that are hosted are pretty interesting. There’s a good mix of routes and available aircraft to fly, even as a Cadet, which surprised me. I would recommend this VA to anyone who is interested in joining.”

Captain Rank [ANVA891]

ana/ 28x20 @KIND9624 Chief Executive Officer
ana/ 28x20 @IMootsI Chief Operating Officer
ana/ 28x20 @Texan Supervisor
ana/ 28x20 @Nee Head of Internal Affairs
ana/ 28x20 @SB110 Events Manager
ana/ 28x20 @XTRMystic Data Manager
ana/ 28x20 @Michel_Avegnon Recruiter
ana/ 28x20 @Adventures Procedures Manager
ana/ 28x20 @Boeing757 Head of ATC Training


ANA Virtual Group has a very extensive array of aircraft, spanning from the tiny DH8D (Dash 8-Q400) all the way up to the largest commercial aircraft, the Airbus A380. It is through this large fleet that we can extend our routes to the farthest corners of the world, with service through our codeshares to all six inhabited continents.

Base Fleet
Manufacterer Model Livery In-Game
Airbus A320 No
Airbus A321 Yes
Boeing 737-700 No
Boeing 737-800 No
Boeing 747-400* No
Boeing 767-300 No
Boeing 777-200ER Yes
Boeing 777-300ER Yes
Boeing 787-8 No
Boeing 787-9 No
Boeing 787-10 Yes
Airbus A380-800 No

* Indicates aircraft part of our retro fleet

Subsidiary Fleet
Branch Manufacterer Model Livery In-Game
ANA Wings Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 Yes
Peach Airways Airbus A320 Yes
ANA Cargo Boeing 777-200F Yes
Nippon Cargo Boeing 747-8 Yes


Our route database features an extensive array of destinations. It is through this route network (domestic and international) that our pilots can explore the world. Whether it be banking into the extreme valleys of Queenstown, New Zealand or departing the world’s highest altitude airport, Daocheng Yading, you can never get bored with our routes!

Our codeshares are a crucial part of our route network, allowing us to carry our passengers even further than our base routes. Check out the ANA Virtual Group & codeshare route databases → over here!


Our ranks have been created and iterated multiple times for precision & ease. With meticulous planning, our ranks are designed for efficient progression and growth for pilots. It’s simple for new pilots to immediately rank flights from the get-go. Check out our ranks below:

Ranks Requirements Unlocks
Cadet 0 - 10 hours Flights between 0-1.5 hours
Jr. First Officer 10 - 25 hours Flights between 0-3 hours
First Officer 25 - 50 hours Flights between 0-5 hours
Sen. First Officer 50 - 90 hours Flights between 0-7 hours
Captain 90 - 140 hours Flights between 0-9 hours
Sen. Captain 140 - 200 hours All flights
Commercial Captain 200 - 275 hours All flights
Hon’inbō 275 - 500 hours All flights + Access to Hon’inbō+ Lounge + Perks
Sakura 500 - 1000 hours All flights + Access to Hon’inbō+ Lounge + Perks
Hayabusa 1000+ hours All flights + Access to Hon’inbō+ Lounge + Perks

Crew Center


With a modern outlook, user-friendly design, and procedural use of different elements, we’re proud to present the new ANA Virtual Group website & Crew Center. Our sophisticated website communicates everything you need to know about our VA in a simple, organized manner.

Our state-of-the-art crew center utilizes easy to browse schedules, straightforward manual PIREPs, and an all-in-one dispatch center to make flight logging easier than ever. Not to mention, we also have a large and growing, custom-made In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) page for our pilots to enjoy!

To visit our website, simply click the preview above or click here!
We recommend using a computer to view the website, mobile optimization ongoing.

As an ANA Virtual Group member, you’ll be able to access some awesome programs and take part in several activities in our community! We strive to make each member’s overall experience in the VA the best & easiest it can be, including a push for more inclusivity. Some programs you may see at times throughout the year are Bingo Boards, Routes of the Month, as well as our weekly Regions of the Week to highlight our diverse codeshare plethora and explore the world. Below, you can check out what we’ve been working on to help expand our member base and opportunities for growth!

Courtesy of our COO @IMootsI, we hold Japanese language sessions. Learn new words/phrases & speak to your fellow VA members in Japanese! Each lesson is designed to be easy to understand & fun, progressing at a reasonable pace. Moots also creates fun quizzes to play with a Discord bot in our server, so you can show everyone what you know. You’ll also be able to learn about Japanese culture!

ANA Virtual Group has a new career mode! For those who want a ranking system based on aircraft (with a few modifications), then this mode is for you. Fly routes with designated ANA aircraft & see the hidden gem of Miyazaki, the wonders of Kansai, & spot Mt. Fuji when flying near the Tokyo coastline! But it doesn’t end there. You can also fly to the megapolis New York or Brussels, the city for fries, waffles, and chocolate. The possibilities are endless!
Each route ends where the next begins, providing the most realistic and enjoyable experience for our pilots and staff alike.

You can check a brief overview of the career mode program here.

Has your subscription run out? Do you still want to fly for your VA and be part of the community? Through the help of our partnership with @UnitedVirtual, we now offer a program that you won’t find in other VAs: Non-Pro Mode. This is a groundbreaking program allowing you to maintain your activity within the VA for a time. How does the program work?

  • Our Non-Pro program duration is capped at a maximum of 3 months (Meaning after every 3 month period, you must have at least 1 month of Infinite Flight Pro to remain in ANVA).
  • You need to be at least Grade 2 before you apply for the Non-Pro program.
  • You get to fly Non-Pro routes offered by our United Virtual codeshare.
  • You can then log your flights and maintain your activity within the VA!

One of our old programs coming to life in a reconstructed & modernized way: The ANA Virtual Group Training Academy. Our training academy consists of an ATC training program & an upcoming pilot academy, where you’ll soon have the choice to join either one. Each one is designed to help you learn and become a better controller and/or pilot, backed with easy to understand & detailed manuals, organized ranking system and resources, and hands-on participation (controlling and/or flying).

ANVATC’s primary task is to teach individuals wanting to gain hands-on experience in controlling. In our first iteration, we’re giving IFATC controllers a place to provide ATC for our pilots specifically as we’ll slowly ease & transition into opening ANVATC to everyone.

You can check out a brief overview of how the ANVATC program works here.

All Nippon Airways Virtual Group has one of the most diverse array of codeshare routes. We partner with only real-world codeshare airlines, making for a realistic experience. We are a proud member of Star Alliance Virtual, the most elite virtual airline alliance. Our Star Alliance Virtual & other partners make up 1000+ routes we fly to all six inhabitable continents across the world.

One of the key aspects in our VA is creating a welcoming environment inclusive of all. We welcome everyone in the IFC to apply, and accept all applications as long as they can meet the minimum requirements stated below.

Pilot Requirements:

Normal/Career Mode Pilot Requirements
Non-Pro Pilot Requirements
At least 13 years old
At least 13 years old
Access to Discord
Access to Discord
Infinite Flight Grade 2
Infinite Flight Grade 2
Log 1 flight each month
Log 1 flight each month

Training Academy Requirements:

ATC Guidance Requirements
At least 14 years old
Access to Discord
IFATC Controller [Version 1]
Log 1 session each month

ANA Virtual Group Application Form
Notes → We use one application form for all programs.
ATC Training: Training Server ATC upcoming in Version 2.0
Pilot Training: Pilot Academy upcoming in Version 2.0

Special Thanks to Our Discord Server Boosters!


Banners & Graphics: @Alexander_Nikitin
Crew Center: @Ran, @Z-Tube, @JarrettFlies
Photography: @Pingu, @SB110
Thread Design: @KIND9624, @Texan, @Nee, @Ran, @SB110



I can’t be more proud to be the Events Manager at this spectacular VA!


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Amazing thread! Glad to have you guys as one of our partners.😁


Superb thread, ANVA! So glad that I was able to assist with your Crew Center.

And, of course, on behalf of El Al Virtual, it’s an honor to have such a diverse and unique partnership.

All the best! ✈️


Thank you @Nightt that means a lot from all of us at ANVA!



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@Z-Tube and @CaptainZac thanks so much! We’re very pleased to have such a good relationship with LYVA and hopefully we will catch you guys in the skies! ✈️



Really nice thread and its colourful!

On behalf of Etihad Virtual Airways we are glad to be our partner and looking forward to a great future!

Head of External Affairs | Etihad Virtual


As the co-founder & former CEO/staff, I’m proud to see ANVA continuing on & determined to overall make the VA better. Thanks to y’all, excited about 21’ & the future :)


This thread is phenomenal! Great work ANVA staff!


Very nice thread ANVA!

You should definitely join this VA! The staff and pilots are very friendly.


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Best thread I have ever seen. Keep up the great work Team ANA. All the best!


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@Captain_Ry, @MJP_27, @LuminousNate, and @Adrian_K thank you very much! That means a lot to us.

@Gritz ありがと, we are excited to hear that. We look forward to having you on board! ✈️

~ @SB110 {Events Manager}


Wow 😍😍😍 this is such a lovely thread. Great work @ANAVirtualGroup


Not sure which one of you all I saw last night flying into Mojave, Ca from Hawaii but I really appreciate that realism. Shocked me actually. I live 15 minutes away irl. Thank you again