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ANA Virtual Group is an esteemed virtual airline widely known as the only Japanese virtual airline in the Infinite Flight Community. Created in November 2019 & inaugurated in February 2020, we’ve expanded with over 45+ pilots, flying passengers & cargo domestically & globally every day.

With four subsidiaries, we fly to almost every corner of the world. Our passengers fly ANA, Peach Aviation, & AirAsia Japan, while our clients who need to send packages can do so through Nippon Cargo Airlines. It’s no wonder why we’re known as the "Inspiration Of Japan” & why we strive to surpass our standards every day. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our pilots have to say:

“The thing that I like most about ANVA is the great community they they’ve built. Everyone is always talking and having a good time in the slack channels. My most favorite thing they’ve done in their slack is they made a multilingual chat where people can speak in other languages, while also learning a bit of Japanese from one of the staff members here. It’s been a great experience for me thus far! Last but not least, it’s been awesome to fly around the scenic islands of Japan!”

Jack Stafford
ANA Virtual Group Pilot [ANVA561]

“I am a pilot here at ANVA, the IF version of ANA. I have been here for about 2 months and I have absolutely loved it. It is a really nice way for people who are new to the concept of a virtual airline. Ever since day 1, I have been welcomed by the phenomenal staff and fellow pilots here and made to feel at home. If there’s a problem, the staff immediately look into the matter and resolve it as fast as they can. ANVA has a big fleet ranging from small planes like the Q400 to big wide bodies like the B777 spread out over a vast route network around the world. Overall, I would highly recommend you to join us and fly all over Japan and the world in Japan’s best airline! Matai o ai Shimashou!”

Vishak Shivaraman
ANA Virtual Group Pilot [ANVA107]

The Inspiration Team

|@Jennifer23|Head of Procedures|
|@thenewpilot|Chief Pilot|
|@Michel_Avegnon|Routes Database Manager|
|@N801VP|Social Media Manager|
|@XTRmystic|Events Manager|
|@Hinata|Codeshare Manager|

The Management Team

|@Alphawings|Head of International Affairs|
|@Chicago_Aviator|Head of Internal Affairs|
|@Moots|ANA Virtual Group Supervisor|
|@Texan|ANA Virtual Group Supervisor|

The Executive Team

|@Pingu|Human Resources|
|@KIND9624|Chief Operating Officer|
|@ran|Chief Executive Officer|

Map Legend

Purple: Domestic Airports (Served by ANVA)
Blue: International Airport (Served by ANVA)
Green: Airports (Served by ANVA partners)

ANA Virtual Group Fleet
Dash Q400 A320-200 A321-200
A380-800 B737-700 B737-800
B747-400 B747-8 B767-300
B777-200ER B777-200F B777-300ER
B787-8 B787-9 B787-10
ANA Virtual Group Ranks
Ranks Requirements Unlocks
Cadet 0-20 hours Flights between 0-1.5 hours
Jr. First Officer 20-45 hours Flights between 0-3 hours
First Officer 45-75 hours Flights between 0-5 hours
Sen. First Officer 75 - 110 hours Flights between 0-7 hours
Captain 110 - 150 hours Flights between 0-9 hours
Sen. Captain 150 - 195 hours All flights
Commercial Captain 195 - 245 hours All flights along with 1.25x multiplier
Hon’inbō 245+ hours All flights along with 1.5x multiplier
ANA Virtual Group Routes

Routes Database

ANA Virtual Group’s routes database contains operated routes from ANA, Peach Aviation, AirAsia Japan, Nippon Cargo Airlines, & our codeshare partners. With almost 1000 routes, you can fly across the world!

Fly passengers across continents with ANA, vital cargo with NCA, low-cost flights across Asia with Peach Aviation & AirAsia Japan, or opt for our codeshare partners & fly to Abu Dhabi with Etihad, Delhi with Air India, Bogota with Avianca, Canberra with Virgin Australia, & more!

ANA Virtual Group Subsidiaries
All Nippon Airways
Peach Aviation
AirAsia Japan
Nippon Cargo Airlines
ANA Virtual Group Hubs & Focus Cities
Airport ICAO Code Influence
Tokyo-Haneda RJTT Main Hub
Tokyo-Narita RJAA Main Hub
Osaka-Itami RJOO Secondary Hub
Osaka-Kansai RJBB Secondary Hub
Nagoya-Chubu Centrair RJGG Focus City
Fukuoka RJFF Focus City
Naha-Okinawa ROAH Focus City
Sapporo-Chitose RJCC Focus City

While we fly to a lot of destinations around the world, there are some destinations & routes that can either not be operated by us or special routes that hold a place in everyone’s heart. ANA Virtual Group’s partners help expand our route network & fleet, flying over 350+ routes in all 6 inhabitable continents.

The Room is a new program consisting of perks & new features available to our pilots. Some of these perks are for higher tier pilots, while the rest apply to the entire VA. Here’s some information about the new features & perks being added to our VA:

Friday Night Facts

Thanks to our staff member @Jennifer23, who is a pilot in training in real life, we hold real-world aviation FAQs & a new concept to learn about flying every Friday! It’s your chance to become a better pilot & learn about realistic procedures to follow when flying.

ANA Virtual Pilot Center

The ANA Virtual Pilot Center is an additional AirTable base that complements our crew center. The pilot center currently has information about the staff team, resources for our pilots, codeshare agreement documents, discussion documents from our staff meetings, and a library of movies, TV shows, news, & more under the "In-Flight Entertainment” tab! The pilot center will have more features added soon.

ANA Virtual Mileage Club

The ANA Virtual Group Mileage Club is a points system to reward our pilots who fly in our events & represent us in ANVA-backed events. Pilots can unlock perks every time they meet the requirements for the next mileage club tier. With 5 mileage club tiers, we offer bonus flight time additions, priority gate selection & pushback, choice of new codeshare routes, access to lounges, & more!

ANA Virtual Career Mode

ANA Virtual Group has a new career mode! For those who want a ranking system based on aircraft (with a few modifications), then this mode is for you. Fly set routes with designated ANA aircraft & see the hidden gem of Miyazaki, the wonders of Kansai, & spot Mt. Fuji when flying near the Tokyo coastline! But it doesn’t end there. You can also fly to the megapolis New York or the Brussels, the city for fries, waffles, & chocolate. The possibilities are endless!

Japanese Language Sessions

Courtesy of our staff member @Moots, we hold daily Japanese language sessions. Learn new words/phrases & speak to your fellow VA members in Japanese! Each lesson is designed to be easy to understand & fun, progressing at a reasonable pace. You’ll also be able to learn about Japanese culture!

ANA Virtual Group is an inclusive environment. We welcome everyone to apply regardless of race, gender, age, religion, national origin, & more. We do not reject applications unless the application doesn’t meet the requirements to apply for our VA. Here are the requirements to join our VA:

imageInfinite Flight Grade 2image
imageMinimum TL1 (Must be valid)image

Pilot Application Form

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We’ll send you a PM when everything is set up for new applicants!