ANA VA up for Stake.

ANA VA is up for stakes for someone who can improve the VA and help in making and controlling the up coming website.

Not sure your using the term shareholders right…

I’d be happy to take the job:)

Basically an agreement between two of my friends has decided to give a 25 percent or 50 percent of stake to a another person

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What @Boeing_777 said, you’re using the term wrong. The definition of shareholders is a owner of shares in a company.

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I would like to join

Can you create and manage a website?

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Yes indeed.

What stock market are you listed on? How much per share please hurry if your on the NYSE they close in 15

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Alright wait i will put u up in our pm

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Ok sounds good.

We arent affliated to any market.

Then stop false advertising saying you are looking for shareholders please

Title should be ANA VA looking for staff, thank you 😊

No problems

Perhaps more like a Co-CEO?

Company officers?


or Website Manager for the website?

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A330 stakeholder is a synonym for shareholders…


Time for a hostile takeover! 😅


Not exactly a takeover since i am still going to manage.