ANA Tokyo 2020 - Boeing 777-200ER

                                ANA Tokyo 2020

                                About the livery

All Nippon Airways “HELLO 2020 JET” is a special livery to celebrate the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Nice request. ANA has a wide selection of beautiful liveries. It is interesting to note that this aircraft uses the PW4000, that is Pratt and Whitney, engines. Not an everyday sight as nowadays, most airlines utilize the Rolls Royce Trent 700 and General Electric GE-90. I can’t spare a vote, at the moment, but you have my full support. :)


Thanks @anon7075715

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Love this livery. No votes left though.

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This is so Beautiful,voted!


Wow, it really is as beautiful as Japan itself. I recommend that the rest of the ANA Virtual Staff stop in and look at this, (And maybe vote for it? :p)


全日本空輸 is by far one of the best airlines in Asia and in the world.

全日本空輸 means All Nippon Airways if you didn’t notice from the Wikipedia page

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Much need for 20.1! This is my favorite ANA livery =)

That is one of the best livery’s I have ever seen! I hope it gets in the game!