ANA To Retire 22 Boeing 777s & Establish New Airline Brand

All Nippon Airways has announced some restructuring plans

In response to COVID-19 and a projected 510 billion yen ($4.87 billion USD) loss for its fiscal year, All Nippon Airways has announced restructuring plans including the retirement of some Boeing 777s and the establishment of a new airline.

ANA will retire 22 Boeing 777 Family aircraft this year. All Nippon Airways’ (excluding ANA Cargo) Boeing 777 Family fleet currently consists of:

  • 7 Boeing 777-200s
  • 12 Boeing 777-200ERs
  • 7 Boeing 777-300s
  • 28 Boeing 777-300ERs

According to several sources, the 777s that will be retired consist of:

  • 13 Boeing 777-300ERs
  • 2 Boeing 777-300s
  • 7 Boeing 777-200/200ERs (unspecified)

I’m assuming ANA is retiring the seven non-ER 777-200s because that would allow them to simplify their fleet and remove an entire subfleet of aircraft.

Overall in 2020, ANA will retire 35 aircraft in addition to two aircraft from its low-cost brand Peach Aviation:

All Nippon Airways’ New Airline Brand:

  • In addition to All Nippon Airways and Peach Aviation, the ANA Group will be establishing a new low-cost carrier brand.
  • The airline will launch some time around fiscal 2022 which is between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023.
  • The new airline brand will operate two-class Boeing 787s with over 300 seats to destinations in Southeast Asia and Oceania.
  • ANA’s subsidiary Air Japan will be the foundation of this new airline brand meaning the brand can begin operations quickly after its establishment.

Does this remind anyone of Japan Airlines’ new low-cost carrier, ZIPAIR?

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What are your thoughts on ANA’s decision to retire 22 Boeing 777s and create a new airline brand ?


Umm, well. ANA has just disappointed the entire IFC

@ran @Pingu @KIND9624


My guess is they will retire all their -200s and -300s (14 in total) and then retire some of the older -200ERs and -300ERs

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Noooooo RIP to the rare -300!!!

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Interesting, that means the 787 is going to become a really vital part of the fleet now… I see what they’re doing.

If the Boeing 777-200ER or 300ER are fully retired, that would suck…


It seems the 777 is starting to become the new aircraft airlines are retiring. Virgin Australia, Singapore, Delta, and now ANA.


Forgot to mention Qatar who are trying to retire all of theirs by 2024.


I mean, the 777 is 26 years old and the 2nd gen is more than 20 years old, not a big surprise

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I hope it’s the 777-200ers. I really like those B77Ws! 🤩

That may get the devs to add the B77W faster 😅

Regardless though, this is a sad day for Japanese Aviation and the global aviation community 😞

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Could you clarify this for me please?

This is what the source is saying

ANA’s current fleet consists of those 54 777 aircraft. Of those, 22 777s will be retired.

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Ahh, ok. Now it makes sense. Thanks!

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uuhh didn’t you mean “22 aircraft”?

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It’s already out…

I thought the 777s would be safe from retirement for a while but I guess not.

I think hes talking about the ANA 77W livery in IF which isnt in the game

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Yeah, I’m gonna rewrite a few things lol, did it at 1:30 AM.

The specific 22 777s that will be retired have been reported according to this:

  • 13 Boeing 777-300ERs
  • 2 Boeing 777-300s
  • 7 Boeing 777-200/200ERs (unspecified)

Additionally, five 767-300s are being retired.

I’m guessing ANA is retiring the seven non-ER 777-200s because that would allow them to simplify their fleet and remove an entire subfleet of aircraft. The retirement of nearly half its 777-300ER fleet is somewhat surprising, but I guess ANA will be prioritizing the 787-9 as its main workhorse.

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I think they retired mostly the -300ERs bc they’re very expensive to operate and

Also the -300, being likely cheaper is great to supply the high demand in the east Asia region

I meant in later updates lol 😂

And the livery too specifically

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Istg if they get rid of the BB-8 livery, I’m throwing hands


I thought the 773 is only used for domestic flights. @AvioesEJogos
And they have like a really old cabin.

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