ANA to order A380 (Rumor or true?)

Is it happening again?

Appears rumor is out again that ANA will be taking up 3 Airbud A380-800s. Hesitant to post this, especially after the possible Iberia A380 purchase, but since Airways News is now reporting this, I thought it might he safer to post now that there’s a reliable source.


I think it’s unlikely but could happen. I think they would use it in HND or NRT to JFK or LAX routes.


They said initially they would use on Hawaiian routes


Yeah but I don’t think that the route can fill up an a380. Probably only on holidays.

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I hope it does NRT - LHR.

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I can’t see how they would make money on that in the Winter.

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Oh they will make money on the Hawaii route. Most people go to Guam, Saipan or Hawaii. Matter of fact I seen tons of commercials for tickets to Hawaii on Japanese tv.

You from Japan?

Yup. I’m not in Japan though. Me and my mom watch tv from her computer but my dad and brother watch sports.

@Boeing707 is the information on Wikipedia ?

Correct, HNL could work seasonally in the high tourist months coupled with the traffic of families traveling to see each other. When tourism dies down though, smaller aircraft would he smart.

If they could order some for domestic routes, that would be another story though…


Airways News. See link provided above please

Well this is interesting news. Hope it is true!

Maybe they are buying the Skymark and Transaero frames which were not going to be delivered due to the collapse of both companies? That would mean fast delivery and a substantial discount.

Japan to Hawaii is about 7 hours, well within the A380s sweet spot.

Ok thanks, sorry

Guam, Saipan and Australia are also big tourist destinations in japan.

It would probably do Naritia to JFK Or Chicago Or Paris or London

Just saw the News on TV. Maybe it will be a Great Choice for Japanese Domestic Market. (In the Past, JAL and ANA used B747SP for Busy Domestic Routes e.g : HND-KIX). Or Like Stated Above, It will be used on Busy Routes like NRT/HND to Honolulu, Guam, or New York

A fleet of 3 will not make economic sense, I can’t see it unless Airbus dangles a really good deal.

Now we are going to have the a380-400. A shortened version of the a380-800.Lol

Lol it’s a rumour! ANA is not going to buy the Airbud A380 :p
But they may buy the Airbus A380