ANA to commence non-stop service to Perth in 2019!

Tokyo Narita - Perth Non-Stop In 2019!

Announced recently ANA will begin operating to Perth, Western Australia from Tokyo Narita non-stop! They will be flying into and out of Perth using their Boeing 787-8 aircraft.

As stated in the article linked above, the first scheduled flight from Tokyo to Perth non-stop is set for the 1st of September 2019.

Qantas previously operated their Boeing 767’s 3 times weekly on this service but withdrew them in 2011.

I can’t wait to see how well this route does, and I’m sure that this route will takeoff (pun intended).

What’s your thoughts on this exciting news?


Another Australian destination for ANA! I am sure that it will succeed 🙂


Let’s hope so! Australia is a popular tourist destination from Japan, so I can see this route being a success and very profitable for the airline.

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This will be interesting but great for Australia. It could be a bigger tourist destination and also saving time with flying. No stop overs in Brisbane or Sydney. but in other words, this is great news!

Yes, longer non-stop flights, is the way the aviation industry is going. Will be cool to see if this route is successful.

Fingers crossed 🤞

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This route should be a success, even with the strong competition. Good planning ANA

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It will make big success! ANA is now very active to making new route, they also begin new leg, RJTT-LOWW in February.
Very good news!


I’m so happy that Perth is getting more flights!

Yeah! Can’t agree more! A great idea by ANA to open this route!

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So am I! Perth is slowly turning into the next LA with the amount of international flights!

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I hope Norwegian Argentina uses Perth for Asia services

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There has been talk on DJ’s aviation channel about it. So maybe soon!

And today I’m flying with SQ back to perth

Awesome, have a safe and enjoyable flight!

It was an ok flight though the pilot taxied in to far into the gate
I have noticed that SQ has made their 12:00 arrivals to A330s from 777

Sounds good! This route would be pretty interesting to see in operation, hopefully in September!

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