ANA Star Wars C-3PO Livery


sad this can’t come too IF.

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Is this a feature request or just a general topic for the article?

Its in #real-world-aviation so its a topic about “real world aviation”

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I was just checking because He is TL1, so he doesn’t have access to post in #features. So if it was a feature request, he’d be forced to put it in a different category. Sorry for the confusion. :)


Does anyone know why ANA uses Star Wars liveries so often?

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It’s part of their 5-year agreement with Disney. They call it the ANA Star Wars Project and that makes them the only airline to do such a thing. Since Star Wars has a lot of popularity, especially in America and Japan, ANA thought it would attract more customers which it definitely is.

If you want to find our more information behind this project, check our their website:


Nice, but not as good looking as the 787 livery.

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Nice livery, however please can peopl stop just posting a link and adding nothing else to their post. That is pointless and not the way to start a discussion.

I would LOVE for there to be a greater variety in livery. Forza auto racing games have a good balance, but if developers could add to the selections, that alone would be great. I would say yes, I would support this as a feature request. Mainly I was just sharing with a community that would be interested.

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what are they doing with the 787 now?

thank you sir. I thought it was neat, just sharing the joy…

The R2-D2 jet

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We’ve seen forum quality declining over the months, it was a great place in late 2015.

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My heart is breaking… Why can’t we just have this livery? Whyyyy?
Well, I can’t say “Blue Skies!” on this one… 😭😭

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