ANA Star Wars C-3PO Boeing 777-200

Great livery, very wacky which I love :) Soon to start service, March this year.

Credit: ANA Soon to Launch Star Wars C-3PO Boeing 777 - FLYING Magazine

The other topic is over 7 months old by the way.


Apparently due to licensing etc it’s unlikely we will get it, it would probably cost the Devs a lot of money to pay Disney


Looks awesome…when it’s going to be released? (IRL).

Don’t forget to give photo credits. ;)

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March this year :)

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That’s cool!
I didn’t know about that one.
Just the 777-300 BB-8 one.

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I love all of their Star Wars liverys👍🏼👍🏼

I am not a huge fan of Star Wars but oh my god I am a huge fan of this plane 😍

This is amazing

Different one but still a lovely livery. :)

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I love the colouring scheme. It’s awesome!

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It’s a beautiful machine, I want to fly it so bad!

What a great livery I’m seeing

Me too , it’s very nice :)

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May have to be a seperate plane from the -200 jf it happens. Licesnsing money.

Picture plane


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