ANA Pokemon livery B747-400D

ANA Pokemon livery is a nice livery that is one of the most eye catching livery

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This isn’t a 747-400. It’s a 747-400D. You can tell by no presence of winglets. The 747-400D was mainly used to replace the 747SR’s within Japanese Airlines. The 747-400D like the 747SRs featured no winglets and had less fuel tanks than longer range 747’s perfect for Tokyo-Osaka Routes. The SR meant Shorter Range and D meant Domestic.


I think you should put copyrights to the photo’s owner (unless you took it), saves the devs from copyright drama in the future :)

I’m on the fence for this livery :/

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This is just… weird. This livery is not cool. IMO I don’t fancy a couple hundred PG trolls head on Advanced and overcrowd with this livery.

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Eh. I’ve never been a huge Pokemon fan, so maybe that’s why I give it an “Eh” but wow, this on Advanced…

So it was in high configurations? Like 500 passengers without bussines?

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The copyright is in the picture.

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This is something I want. ahh love how there all happy on this. I would fly this livery all day.
Love this because Munchlax

Given the recent development of Pokémon Go, I recommend that this livery be revisited. Plllleeeaaase.

Oh I like it!

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Yes! that is very cool!

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oh, no. :(

Pokémon go is invading…

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Very true…

Wouldn’t this basically be a 743 then?

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you can tell what it is straight away. it does look a bit random though

This is a must, obviously. My profile pic shows that. even thought it’s not the same livery