ANA or Japan Airlines

I am going from Japan back to the UK we were going to go on Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong but they cancelled the flight so what airline should we go on?

Both are excellent airlines, I personally prefer ANA based on their product. However, JAL might be the better option on this route. Not only do they offer 2 flights/day (compared to 1 by ANA), but those are complemented by 1 BA flight/day (across 2 flight numbers BA6 & 8 from what I can tell), and since both are oneworld airlines, you would probably have it easier to rebook on short notice if needed. JAL flies the B789 and B77W while ANA flies the B77W exclusively.


Since CX cancelled your flight, you’ll have an easier time getting them to rebook you in JAL since they’re both members of the Oneworld alliance. Having travelled with ANA once, it’s definitely a good airline with good service, but have also heard good things about JAL.


Thanks for all the replies! I’m probably going to go with JAL so far but let’s see what other people think

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