ANA New Pokémon Jet

ANA have just announced a second Pokémon jet will be entering their fleet. Yesterday on the 25th of June it was announced that the B777-300ER (JA784A), dubbed the “Eevee Jet NH” will be entering the fleet from the 31st of August this year and will operate on routes between Tokyo Haneda and London, New York & San Francisco until the 28th of October, where they will announce new destinations for this jet. The below is the design listed on ANA’s website.


However, if you get a chance to fly on this plane you will not get shown an ordinary flight as cabin crew will be wearing specially themed uniforms and the headrests and paper cups on the flight will be specially themed as well (note paper cups and headrest will not be available in business class), pictures can be found below, that are once again from ANA’s website.


And the Eevee Jet experience starts even before boarding as passenger will be given an ““Eevee Jet NH” boarding certificate as a commemorative gift” according to ANA, this has not been shown with any examples or explanations so what this will entail is unknown as of now. This will be their second Pokémon jet in collaboration with Pokémon Air Adventures following their “Pikachu Jet NH” on their B787-9 (JA894A).

What do you think of this livery and will you be booking a flight on it any time soon?

All information came from the ANA website from the below links.


Holy moly! That’s quite the livery they’ve got there…


They used to have Pokémon B747 before from memory but that has gone now. But ANA and JAL are well known for their wild liveries like ANA’s Demon Slayer livery or JAL’s Disney or Whale Shark jets. It is quite common with Japanese airlines I think, even Air Do has special liveries on their B767’s.


Is there any chance Eevee will come to Los Angeles or is HND-LHR and HND-SFO just the inaugurals. I need 77Wchan to come


These are only the routes up until the 28th of October, the expected lifespan of this livery is 5 years so I am sure the routes will change over that period as the description given on their Instagram was “North America and Europe routes”


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