ANA & JAL Unveil A Unified Olympic Torch Livery (It’s in Japanese)

Pretty cool, decided to share it here


ANA’s President Hirako (left) and JAL’s President Akasaka (right)

  • The aircraft will be on a Boeing 787-8. One of Japan Airlines’ 787s is expected to be used for this livery.

According to the organizing committee, the entire aircraft represents a single path of hope through the torch relay. “2020” was called “Go” in English.

  • In addition, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines logos were drawn in front of the aircraft.



JAL President Yuji Akasaka greeted, “I want to work closely with ANA and do my best to excite the torch relay.” ANA President Hiroshi Hirako has pledged, “JAL and ANA marks are side-by-side across the Tokyo Olympic emblem and are fresh. Carry an important torch in an all-Japan system.”

This is honestly a rare moment: two competitors in the same market brought together by this special event. This isn’t something you’d see too often.

What do you guys think of this special livery?


That is really awesome!

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