ANA grounds all of its 787 Dreamliners

Japanese airline carrier ‘ANA’ is starting to ground all of its 50 Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet after discovering a problem with the Rolls-Royce engines. It is expected to lead to the cancellation of over 350 of its flights until late September.

Just today, when it had to cancel 9 of its scheduled 787 flights, it cost the company £414,000 in lost revenue and affected more than 3,000 passengers.

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Oh no! I will miss those beauty!
It’s a sad story that B787 will ends like this

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Again?! No!! Ground Airbus but not Boeing!🙄


This was just today, it is expected that they will ground the whole fleet as mentioned above.


Carry on, you didn´t see anything.


I was just on FR24 and I saw about 15 ANA 787 operating like normal

Nah, he´s talking about the whole 787 fleet.

This already happened to Airbus when Qantas 32 occurred, and found a thin, faulty piece of metal (or carbon fiber, don’t remember) and they grounded so many A380s.


UPDATE: Is starting to ground all of its fleet. This means ANA will not stop operating all 50 of it’s fleet at one time, however large amounts will he grounded at a time while they replace the fault. They are cancelling the 787’s scheduled for use on domestic flights and not international, which is why the fleet will still be seen at international airports. This began Friday (Japan Time)

Well, ground them again!


why is this post reported?

No idea, someone flagged it apparently.

It’s flagged, not closed (yet). It was flagged for Duplicate :)

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True there is another post, however I’m talking about not just today’s grounding.

At least it’s not Boeing’s fault for this, only Rolls-Royce.

This will only impact domestic flights. Good explanation why found in this article.

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Why should you ground solid well-working planes?

They will have their reasons for it…

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Whats wrong with these Rolls Royce Engines.

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The A380 wasn’t grounded by the FAA I believe it was mainly from the manafacturer or the airline taking things into their own matter. The B787 is the only plane in around 30 years to be grounded by the FAA

Why should Airbus be grounded when they’re not in the wrong. Boeing sacrificed quality for schedule with the 787 so they’re only to blame.