ANA gets First A320neo

The Japanese carrier is the newest customer for this awesome aircraft


I will update the Delivery tracking thread with the new information

Isn’t she a beauty… comments?


noice lmao

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It looks very nice. It’s odd seeing ANA livery on an A320NEO.


It’s weird… but nice

Looks nice!

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So beautiful!

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That is absolutely gorgeous

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I love the engines of this beauty 😘

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something about it is not right :(

its that blue

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Wow! Those are some Big engines!

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That’s the only thing really new about it, the engines.


Yes, I know:-)

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What a beautiful machine!

The big engines make it looks a little overpowered…

It’s like having a big head and a small body. Lol

More like only doing arms and skipping leg day.

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Such a sexy aircraft

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