ANA Dash 8 In early morning

It’s pretty weird that the Dash 8’s Cockpit and the C130 has gotten updated to match either the lighting or make it more accurate like today’s I got to see it while doing a ANA Short flight around the east coast of japan from new tokyo with the Dash 8 which is still used to this day I might also try the Dash 8 again later today


De haviliand Canada Dash 8 /Q400

I was able to lighten up the dark pics but a little bit so it looks blue

This shot looks close enough to the updated cockpit but the lighting is seems to be low

Sendai up ahead

I Almost overshot the glideslope but I slowed down quicker in around 1,000 and managed to land smoothly and better then what ive done in other Dash 8 flights

Have you flown the Dash 8 with this updated cockpit let me know how it is and have a good day.


Wow these shots were just amazing.


These are some of the best screen shots I’ve ever seen!

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I love this livery and scenery! Great shots

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That fourth one is incredible 😍

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For anyone who doesn’t know by this change




oh my, great photos

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@juan_tavares there sure are

@Islanderpilot123 Great Im glad you liked them

@ItsBlitz the Scenery in japan is cool in general and the Livery also

@I-am-the-captain-now Im glad you do sunrises are amazing :D

@Rolls Thanks a lot!


Great images!! The Dash 8 is a wonderful aircraft!

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Same and its pretty popular around the world

Gorgeous pics!

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Might have to dii on more Japanese Domestic Flights tbh don’t do a lot of them.

Very nice photos I must say

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@FlightGT Thanks!

@Lovethisgame maybe you should do domestic on Haneda to Chitose

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Nice photos!! Absolutely beautiful.

Haneda to Chitose is a classic route… If you like the Q400, you can also fly across Hokkaido, from Chitose to Memanbetsu and other smaller cities. The mountains look beautiful!

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I would try that out soon