ANA C3PO livery

Hey Everyone, I feel like that we have some very unique liveries in IF, especially with SouthWest, but I want to see more unique liveries in the IF skies. My idea we could have a C3PO livery for ANA’s 777.

Here are a few pictures.

![Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 4.48.09 PM|820x263][poll type=regular results=always max=20 public=true chartType=bar]

  • ANA C3PO Livery

Hello this post is dublicated.
Last request about livery is here

That’s closed @Shafran

Ho! I love the livery, it looks so nice on the 777. Unfortunately due to copyright I dont think this livery will be added soon 😟

But anyways again new Request?

Once it is closed, it cannot be voted on and all votes are given back to the community. Therefore there is a new request.

@owen250708 It is entirely possible they get the necessary permissions, I for one would love to see this in IF. Let’s see where a vote can be cleared…

Hi, unfortunately due to copyright, any liveries related to Disney will not be added :(

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I can’t imagine this livery will be added due copyright. However, make sure to upload only one photo per request as it’s against the rules of the category


Well, RIP. We need more special liveries!

Also, if we are not going to get these liveries. Shouldn’t it be a catagory rule to not have copyrighted requests?

  1. special paintwork cannot be implemented in the game due to rights. Already mentioned in several topics before
  2. only one photo per feauture request
  3. no rights of the photo mentioned

Unfortunately it’s against the rules of this category. Even tho I really like this livery. Sorry to be that guy :(

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Special Liveries are indeed allowed, they just have not been implemented recently. I’ve seen quite a lot with the 20.2 Beta Build of liveries like Qatar One World and Air France Skyteam being removed.

But Disney Special Liveries will not be added for copyright reasons which include:

  • WestJet 738 Frozen
  • Star Wars 787 / 777 Liveries (R2D2)
  • China Eastern A330 Toy Story
  • China Eastern A330 Disney
  • Alaska 738 (Or 739) Pixar Pier

There are lots more that look awesome but are unable to be added :(



Unfortunately there are some strict copyright policies that Disney has when painted on aircraft. For the time being, this will be one of those liveries that won’t be added in for the near future. Thanks!