ANA Boeing 787-9 R2-D2 livery

One more… My god

We are very greedy when it comes to stuff like this… It’s all or nothing for us lol

I hate the point which no one search for topic before posting

@Swang007 close this pls

Where is the other topic, didn’t find one.

Link above. Every livery request should be in that post.

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In no point in the 787 post you linked did it mention the r2d2 ANA livery (not including the replies) with your logic this means that if I made a topic saying “add all planes to IF” and someone suggests the Antonov 225 they should have their topic closed. (Just my opinion😄) This example here is understandable seeing as the community manager posted it, in all fairness this might suggest that he didn’t want to have any more 787 requests.

But if someone randomly says we should add more liveries to the E190 etc. And someone else says they want the Avianca e170 they shouldn’t (in my opinion) have their topic merged with someone else, Neither party is wrong here, not the poster of the “more e190 liveries” topic or the “Avianca e190” topic are wrong and The Mods aren’t wrong either for merging it. The people I think who are in the wrong are the people who pressure the mods to close the topic by tagging them and saying its a duplicate topic (Even if the word “Avianca” wasn’t mentioned at all in the first topic). Once again this is all only in my opinion, you should let the Mods make up their own minds about weather or not to lock/split a topic, don’t pressure them by tagging them.

Sorry, I’ve needed to get that of my chest for a while now. Phew
Just saying all of what I said may be wrong, I’m just stating my opinion😄,(and before you mention it yes, I have read the guidelines😄)

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@Talkingribzz 1st post on that included this main word

i had the exact same topic a couple weeks or so ago! they really should add this livery to the app

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@schyllberg would love this!

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“Love” is not a powerful word enough to describe how i would feel about it.

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One of my, if not MY favourite 787-9 livery!


This is on my list of needs for infinite flight.

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If this isn’t in IF I’m legit gunna cry and throw a temper tantrum.

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I’m not advocating the addition of this plane, but if someone posts a R2-D2 789 request somewhere on the IF Facebook page, I can guarantee that 90% of the users would go absolutely bad __ crazy over this.

I can’t speak for any of the developers, but I can’t see a 787 update without this aircraft, unless the devs have to pay Disney and their lawyers and exorbitant sum of $ to put the aircraft in IF…


ANA already did that for them xD and plus the devs don’t need to pay airlines and airports so they an be added in IF (they would pay themselves for adding the FDS liveries xD)

ANA is Love, ANA is Life

Thank you for being realistic! I was thinking the same thing

It’s a very nice livery, I would use it for Tokyo regional routes or from Tokyo to Europe routes, good designs.

One of my favorite liveries, Worth the waiting and see this soon .

Wonder when this one will be grounded?