ANA Boeing 787-9 R2-D2 livery

What an awesome livery this is. Would look wicked in the game!



You mean this one?
(Not my photo)


Yes, yes I do.

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Totally 100% agree. I want it now. I need it now.


I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, I would love to see more special liveries like this one in IF.


Like I’ve said in my previous comment: China Southern Boeing 777-300ER infinite flight won’t add these special liveries. Let’s be honest here… That’s why we need what I wrote in the link @Talkingribzz @Captain_DJ @B767fan

Let me be honest, if they can come up with random IF Liveries on the C750, B737BBJ and B772, I’m pretty sure they can do this, and a couple others. Have confidence in what you want man! :)

Air Tran Atlanta Falcons? It was added😄 And it’s a special livery
Also I forgot about the Etihad a340 F1 livery


Yeah man I wish they added liveries like this it would spice up the game instead of the boring generic default airline liveries. But tbh I don’t think they will add liveries like this. I would love though like I said in my comment before they release some sdks so we can make our own liveries. Like that less for them to worry about

Because every Flight Sim needs spicing up! LOL!

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Yeah man why not. I would much rather prefer to fly a livery like this during sunset (already getting turned on by the thought) instead of the default Ana livery. It’s a flight sim man it’s made to be professional but to have fun also. It’s to make it more casual but professional at the same time. Come on we all have to let loose a bit sometimes.

I am with you 100% on this Ben!

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So what your saying is that we need a Spicejet livery (haha the puns)

That would be perfect that 787 in sunset, I’d cry for joy! :)


@Talkingribzz @Captain_DJ @B767fan see now your seeing the possibilities and the fun of this idea

i saw them at the start as I started this topic!

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All we need is some sdks and this won’t be a dream anymore :)

Yes please!

I’m normally opposed to movie/media themed liveries but the R2-D2 livery looks so natural and photogenic on the 787. Great job and congrats Boeing, ANA, and Disney!

There are so many cool ones I want to see get added

When you look back at ANA’s history of movie liveries you wonder how they managed to make something as good as this.
(Not my photo, thank goodness😄)