ANA Boeing 777-9

This livery suits the aircraft 😍😍


As my Username suggests I love any livery on the next generation 777s
And that ANA livery is just cr akin


awesome livery!

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All Nippon Airways needs greater representation in game for being the largest carrier in Japan. Also, a heavy bias towards them as they are my favorite carrier. Unfortunately we don’t have the the 747-400 in ANA livery, or even their workhorse long haul aircraft, the 777-300 ER, but I think the addition of the 777-9 in ANA livery would be great!


Um, guys…
there is no 777-9 in game at the moment…?

The picture looks like a 777x to me… Are you referring to the wavy shape of the engines?

Yeah… It’s a 779, not a 787

Looks like a B787

It’s a 779. The GE9X engines have the same wavy shape as the engines on the 787, and the wings on both aircraft bend upward. If you look closely, the aircraft in the image above is much too long to be a 787.

No. Boeing and GE decided not to add the engine scallops to the 777X. If it looks like a 787, that’s fine, but it’s a 777X.




Ah, my mistake. I don’t know why I thought they did…

Nope, Not a 787

Let us be the second to vote.

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