ANA Boeing 777-300ER

Hmm… kahan sunna tha? Hamne kuch bura nahi bola tha AI se…

Hindi wall Ran :D

Bhaiya ran tumhare liye nahi keh raha. Ye (S word) bohot uchhal rahe the hamari air india a320 request pe fb pe

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I still wait for the day ANA diverts to Dallas going to Houston

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they probably won’t add it due to beta already testing and adding a new livery will take a little long so theirs a high chance they wont add it or will they

It may come in the next update but still…

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Hello @Aryan_Sharma . I would like to point out that according to the developer ANA will not be added in 20.2. Don’t forget that we are still at 20.1 and 20.2 is coming up. It is only an open beta that you are currently using. in Misha’s comment it is mentioned again why it is not included. Nevertheless, be optimistic and vote because this is the only way the developers can see what the community wants. Always with patience.


Ikt. That’s what I meant that it will not come in 20.2

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The next update is still 20.2. You mean after 20.2


Although it won’t be coming in this update, we can still vote so it comes out in the next one - 20.3. Your votes make a lot of difference. Please consider keeping your vote here! Thank you!!


I don’t think there will be a 20.3, its going to probably be 21.1 next update.


I agree…

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If they surprise us with a livery update or so … there might be one 😂

true, but not likely lol

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Does this means, all livery we see in the game are paid to real world airliner company? Or paid to artist creating this livery?

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Same thing with the JAL 772.

We pay our artists to create them. Also they are high resolution and each new livery increases bandwidth cost.


I understand now. I hope you will find another way to reduce bandwidth cost like add new server or something else 👍🏼

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it’s the fact that you guys didn’t add this for me, keep voting guy’s