ANA Boeing 777-300ER

There are a few things we need to consider from a technical standpoint when adding more livery (we already have a hundreds!!)

  • each new livery increases our bandwidth cost since that livery need to be streamed to each user who is close to another pilot using that livery in live (even if they didn’t select it for themselves).
  • the more different livery a user is surrounded with in live, the more memory it will use. Each recent livery takes ~80MB of memory … having as little as 10 aircraft around you would take 800MB of memory just for the liveries. We mitigate this by loading a lower resolution of each livery for other pilots but it is still a significant amount of memory.
  • it affects the experience. Ever wonder why it sometimes takes a long time to see other aircraft in Live? downloading and loading liveries is what takes time.
  • it cost time and money to create many liveries

That being said, we have some ideas how to dramatically improve our livery management in the future which would help us with most of those issues but it might take some time.