ANA Boeing 777-300ER Pokemon - JA754A



Lol it’s so hard to find that ANA logo on it


I remember seeing it on the way to my grandma’s house in Japan. They look gigantic when you drive next to them.


Either look for it on the fuselage or you have to go inside :D

I love both ANA and Pokemon, I have every Pokemon game except Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire ;(
Back on topic: it’s an awesome livery, the small ANA logo looks nice since all you see are Pokemon’s.
EDIT: I think I can guess the Pokemon on the plane: Pikachu, Munna, Axew, Meowth, Reshiram, Snivy, Pikachu (Again) and Tepig.


I only know the Pokemons in Japanese 🇯🇵

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Wauw, Reshiram (white dragon Pokemon) is on the plane!!!

That is a -300. In IF we have the -300ER. Different wingtips and technical stuff.

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I need this this will fill my IF life I see the 5th gen pokemon on that it will be the one plane I will fly a lot. I still play it is my second favorite game to play.

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It looks like Kirby is there too… lol


Bumping this up because this an absolutely lovely livery. For Pokemon fans and or people who just simply love the livery, this would be so exciting if the Devs added this livery to the 777-300ER family. It’s bright, it’s colorful, and it’s expressionate. I hope this gets enough votes for the Devs to notice.

I can’t say for sure, but it’s quite unlikely that this livery will some IF due to Copyright Reasons. Just like how Disney wouldn’t allow Star Wars livery to exist on the ANA 777 in IF, the same goes with the Pokémon Company, being fairly notorious for their strict Copyright Laws and Terms or Use.

One can always hope for this livery to make its way to IF in the future, but I personally as much as I would love to see it, don’t think we’ll see it in IF due to the restrictions. But if it does make its way then I’m 100% for it, but the chances are slim, very slim.


Oh jeez, Pokémon. The elementary school flashbacks are real…

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That’s a valid point. Doesn’t “Nintendo” own the rights to Pokemon? Or no?

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I believe so, I think they are the publisher correct?

Nintendo owns the rights to the Pokémon Games, but the Art itself is owned by the Pokémon Company. So unless neither of them are okay with letting the Devs use their artwork and/or characters (Pokémon) in IF, we won’t see it anytime soon. That would be the same for Star Wars, Hello Kitty, etc…

Then ShoPro gets involved, owning the rights to the Anime Series, and that’s just another headache… They can file a lawsuit for using the characters which are shown and represented in the Anime which they own the rights to along side the Pokémon Company which are original makers of the Pokémon concept, (Art, Soundtracks, etc…) :/

There are three parties to please, Game owners and publisher/distributor: Nintendo
The original concept makers/owners: The Pokémon Company
And lastly the Anime Series owners, ShoPro, which loves to strike and file lawsuits left and right for anyone using their material without permission and gaining permission from them is shown to be a challenge too.


I actually drew this a month ago! I hope in come if the 777 has an update

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It would be dream come true if it were to be added against all odds :)

We can always hope and pray that it does make an entry into the world of Infinite Flight, and maybe it will but as of where we stand today, it doesn’t look as bright as we’d like it to be…

Bumping this… if it could be used despite the copyright problems it would be literally amazing to see this thing flying around LOL