ANA Boeing 767-300

I love the ANA livery already but it looks even better on this plane. Please tell me if this is a dupe because the only other ANA 767 requests I saw was for special liverys.

Tell me what you guys think about this plane! [poll public=true]

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  • Maybe
  • No

Very very nice

Surprised people said no. Can’t we just have liverys, if they don’t like it they don’t use it simply


@Dush19 I thought you said you muted Features lol

I do like it!

If u like don’t forget to like it so that it will eventually be added to if, thanks to the devs for all the work they do

I didn’t, you should change your thoughts

Yes please like this post to get it added would be amazing to have in the game

Needed so is a 767 update

Very much so! Definitely need some new liverys for that beautiful plane.

I must revive this post due to the new voting feature!

This is a nice aircraft

Im out of votes currently, however I’d love to see this aircraft added when they eventually rework the 767 (within the next century). I would like to see ANA’s variant that features winglets though.

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@ran @thenewpilot @KIND9624 👀

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I’m out of votes or I’d vote for this

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We need this!



This would be amazing. We should get the -300ER variant too, that would allow us to fly more international routes with a livery!


If they decide to rework the 767, we don’t want a repeat 77W now do we?
If it’s not the 767 you can always just simply remove your vote anyways!


I’ve personally flown on this aircraft from Haneda to Hiroshima and it looked great but a little noisy. Hope it comes to IF soon🙏. Can’t wait to fly dinestic routes in japan with this


please add ANA 767

and please vote ANA 747-400