ANA B777-300/ER Star Wars BB-8 Livery

Hi Infinite Flight community
This the majestic B777-300/ER ANA Star Wars BB-8 livery

Where does this aircraft Fly?

All over the world such as the US and many parts of Europe and Asia

I really hope that infinite flight adds this livery Don’t you to?

  • Do you want this Livery to Come?
  • Hmmm not sure maybe?

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Hello unfortunately adding Star Wars liveries in Infinite flight won’t happen as
Schyllberg said in a similar feature request.

It would be nice to see this in IF. I know for sure @ran @BigBert10 @Pingu agree. I’m actually a Disney shareholder (unrelated) and the shareholder meeting is coming up soon (also unrelated) so maybe I can convince them to let this happen. However, Disney is going through a CEO change, as their ex-CEO Bob Iger stepped down on Tuesday, so it may not happen. (again, unrelated)

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If only…